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How to ask out a girl using Facebook

Here’s a proven Facebook attraction strategy that is bound to work if you are patient. methodical and if you practice your skills often. Follow the advice and you may soon be sleeping with your hot Facebook friend…

1. Find the right girl to chat.
If the girl you want to ask out is already your friend on Facebook that’s great. If not then try to send a friend request but don’t take it personally if she doesn’t accept. If she does accept though then be polite and tell her how nice her profile is and things like that and look for an honest conversation that will enhance your Facebook friendship.

2. Start chatting.
Get to know the girl better. Start chatting by sending a simple, short and fun message and don’t forget to be sincere all the way. If you don’t know her yet start by introducing yourself properly. Don’t ask her out it’s too early. Tell her a few things about you and ask about her likes and interests.

3. Be formal, polite and simple.
If you don’t know the girl start with something like “Please allow me to introduce myself…”. If you know her say “Hi” and ask her how she’s doing. You want to take it easy from here and go with the conversation flow… Ask questions like “How are you?”, “What are you doing up so late?” and so on.

Facebook seduction system

4. Be interested in her.
If there’s one thing you should know about her is her interests, what she likes to do, what she finds enjoyable etc. Go through her Facebook profile and create a list of discussion topics or questions. People share personal stuff on Facebook. One of best way to make a good approach is to make positive comments about her profile.

5. Never show off.
Always be more interested in what she has to say than brag about your achievements. This side of you might start appearing when you feel more confident around her. Suppress your ego and try to learn about her achievements otherwise she will be easily bored.

6. Avoid early flirting.
If you chat with the girl after following the advice above then you are on the right path. Now you need to be a little patient. Don’t add flirt to your messages until you are 100% sure that there is something more than friendship developing. Gather your attention to the idea of friendship first and try to become someone who she would consider a trusted person.

7. Ask her out.
Finally the time to ask her out has come… You know it is the right time because you chat with this girl all the time. Your meeting doesn’t have to be heavy or romantic at this stage. You can ask a question like “Do you want to hang out sometimes?”. You can also meet for a coffee, pizza or movie. Insist that you want to meet in a public place. If she doesn’t like the idea of the two of you meeting then tell her to bring a friend so she can be reassured that you are not a nutcase.

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