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How to have an orgasm on time every time!

1. Be competitive.
Perform sports to increase your anticipation for competition which can cause a 20% boost in testosterone. Any increase of the testosterone hormone will help towards a fulfilling orgasm.

2. Be prepared.
Prepare yourself well before every sexual intercourse. For example take a hot bath. If you place a towel over your vulva or penis it will increase sensitivity in that area.

3. Use Saffron.
Use this ancient sex recipe to increase orgasm intensity. Warm some milk and add some Saffron. This sex stimulant will release its flavor when heated and it is considered one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs.

4. Find the right time.
Women are more likely to experience intense orgasms during the first few days of their cycle. That’s when testosterone levels are high and the libido soars.

5. Use sex toys.
Studies show that women who use vibrators reach an orgasm easier when having sex with their partner. Sex toys can offer great excitement for men too and lead to better orgasms.

6. Perform oral sex.
Sex therapists advise us to engage in oral sex in order to reach an orgasm easier and to have a more pleasurable experience. So why not do it?

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