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How to text a woman and conquer her heart

Follow the tips described in this article to conquer the heart of any woman by texting her. It’s true that women rely on their feelings in order to fall for a guy while men rely on their eyes and first impression. Sometimes it’s easier to text a girl and make her want you than trying to impress her on dates and give her gifts. If your messages are balanced and create emotional connection you can make her adore you in just a few days.

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1. Text her at night.
If she’s comfortable with texting at night then great you got the edge you need. Begin texting her late in the evening and try to keep the conversation going until she goes to bed. Quiet nights offer something very sexy and romantic that will only work on your advantage.

2. Do not text her all day long.
It is not recommended to text the girl you like all the time. Instead try to learn her routine and text her when you know she’s free so she can text you back. You will notice that she’s more open to accept your messages at particular times of the day. So, find the right times and text her everyday during the same time in order to create anticipation for your texts.

3. Be casual and simple to begin with.
It should be simple to text a woman/girl for the first time. Don’t think too much of it. Just say something casual like “Hey, I thought I’d say hi, how are you?”. This should be enough to start a conversation.

4. Start with a short message.
If you’re texting her successfully for a few days then you only need something short and simple to start a new conversation. Forget long introductions and start with a short line that leaves the conversation open. Say something like “Hi…” or “Hey, I just thought I’d ask; How are you?” or just send a smilie face.

5. Be interested in her daily life.
If you truly want a woman you must learn everything you can about her and her daily activities. Ask about her routine. Let her know that you are interested in knowing more and more about her.

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6. Give her a good nickname.
If you’ve been texting each other for some time then it’s time to take your relationship to the next level. Try something personal and unique. Give her a nickname or a pet name. This will bring you even closer and it will create a personal bond between you.

7. Avoid flirting all the time.
She might know you like her but don’t flirt her on every instance. This will likely bore her. Try to offer a pleasant surprise with your texts. Talk about everyday activities and show your interested in her daily life.

8. Flirt when the time is right.
There will be opportunities for you to flirt her. Wait for the right time and flirt by teasing her e.g. when she talks about how good she is at doing something. Flirting when you find the perfect opportunity will always work on your favor.

9. Use emoticons.
Most girls like emoticons. Make sure your girl likes them too and then use emoticons to send a kiss or a goodbye (or just a smile) to her.

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10. Be naughty when you can.
Your ultimate goal is to conquer your woman sexually so you should try to be naughty when you find the opportunity and after you’ve been texting each other for some days. Send her a dirty message and watch how she responds. A nice way to start a naughty conversation is by texting that you just got out of the shower.

11. Make compliments.
You like this girl and everything about her so why not tell her she’s adorable? Compliment her personality and the way she dresses. If you want to conquer a woman she has to get sexually excited and this can happen with a few compliments by you.

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