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Does penis size matter for women?

This is the #1 question that worries men who are not comfortable with their penis size. Many women will tell you that penis size isn’t important. That they only care if their partner is treating them good and has a good technique. There are countless face to face surveys proving that. In totally anonymous surveys though women claim that penis size is important to them at least aesthetically.

This fact does not mean that women cannot be satisfied with smaller penis or that sexual life cannot be complete with a small penis. But the big truth is that size matters for some women. People who feel they have a small penis should not be panicked. A recent study reveals that 85% of women are happy with the penis size of their sexual partner while only 55% of men are happy with their penis size.

This means that the perceived problem is bigger than the real problem.

The good news is that too big is not good. If you have a big penis some sex positions might not be possible. Keep in mind that the average vagina is about 4.5″ deep (about 12cm) so a little below average might have it’s advantages too.

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