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How to find a woman to date you

Dating a nice and sexy woman can be so fun for the both of you. The difficult part though is to ask for a first date. This can be very intimidating sometimes. Thanks to this article you don’t have to leave everything to luck. Read on and you will learn a lot about the psychology behind asking for a date and this will certainly increase your odds of success.

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Step 1: How to start a conversation:
One thing to keep in mind is to never ask for a date immediately because you have almost zero chances to get a positive answer. Instead try to ask a simple question or a favor. The first question will allow a conversation to begin and you can learn a lot about the woman you are after, so you can move forward. Another rule that will help you is to always be positive when you converse with the woman. For example if you are in a public place you can start a conversation by telling her how much you like that place asking if she’s been to that place before and if she likes it. Remember, women find small talk very interesting. After you succeed in starting the conversation you will need to keep it going. Pay attention to what she says and her body language. You should be able to tell if she is comfortable with what’s happening…

Step 2: How to make a good first impression:
If you want her to be interested in you make a good first impression. She will judge you based on behavior, appearance and the things you said during the meeting. A good first impression will increase your chances to get the date when you ask. Remember first impressions are difficult to change. Dress with clean clothes and be confident. Colors are important. Choose blue colors if you want to be perceived as a stable and loyal man. Avoid grey and red. Your first words will also be automatically judged so try to say something positive that reflects your personality. To
show real interest you can use the right body language. Stand up straight and keep your shoulders back, smile (but not too much!), make eye-contact and once again show a positive attitude.

Step 3: How to ask for the actual date:
Try to ask for that date indirectly so you don’t put much pressure on her shoulders. Make the date sound like a suggestion. For example you can ask what her plans are. If she has no plans you can ask if she likes to go on a date with you (e.g. for a coffee). This way you will likely receive an honest answer. A great technique to get a positive answer is to make your request in a way that will make her feel that it was her idea. This shouldn’t be difficult, use your imagination. For example you can ask about any good restaurants in the area. If she suggests one then tell her that since she likes it maybe you should visit the restaurant together sometime. Another way to ask for a date is by explaining the benefits. For example you can explain why a certain place is worth visiting. If she seems to be interested suggest that you should go to that place together.

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