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Tips to keep a man interested in you…

Here are some great tips that will help you keep a man interested in you:

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1. In a relationship no one should try to control the other. A woman must avoid controlling a man because men should be independent. Of course women should be independent too. Give the man space and allow him to express himself and be who he is. Expect the same freedom from him.

2. A good relationship is based on both the man and the woman. If you want to keep a man don’t spend all your time trying to please him otherwise you will forget yourself, your ideas, your dreams and your goals. You need to think of yourself and be yourself otherwise you will not be happy. If being yourself leads to a break up then there are other men available.

4. When you disagree make him understand your reason for doing or saying something. Expect the same attitude from him.

5. If you don’t want him to lose his interest in you, avoid playing it “hard to get” for too long otherwise he might start looking for easier alternatives in other women.

6. Never think that a man will change after dating you for a while. Men are who they are and that’s it, you cannot do anything about it.

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