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6 Strategies to help a woman conceive a boy

Many girls are dreaming of conceiving a boy. So we’ve researched the subject and here are some tips that are supposed to help towards this goal.

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1. Make orgasm your #1 target
When a woman reaches orgasm her vagina becomes more alkaline favoring male sperm to fertilize the female egg easily. So try to enjoy yourself as much as possible during sex. Also, be educated about orgasm.

2. Choose a good sex position
It is said that if you do it from behind (doggie style) your odds of conceiving a boy are increased. So, whenever you find the chance ask your partner to do it from behind. Another good position is if you do it standing up. Both mentioned positions enable deep penetration.

3. Figure out exactly when you ovulate
This strategy is recommended by many experts and it suggests to avoid sex 5-6 days leading to ovulation. Then do it the day of ovulation. The idea is to figure out exactly when you ovulate and there are related tests for that.

4. Eat well.
Recent studies have shown that eating a good breakfast increases your chances of having a boy especially if you eat food like bananas, fish, vegetables and similar high energy foods. The rest day meals are also important. Experts say you should increase your calorie intake for more than 400 calories per day.

5. Drink a coffee before sex
It is somewhat peculiar but experts say that having a caffeinated coffee 30′ before intercourse gives both male and female sperm an extra boost.

6. Create the right mindset
Some people say that if you believe that you’ll conceive a boy it’s going to happen. So wish for it, pray for, write it down, discuss it and then expect it to happen!

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