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Enjoy a better sex life with Yoga

Yoga derived from Indian philosophy and promises ease of stress and anxiety, depression healing and pain relief among its many benefits. This ancient method has gained much popularity throughout the globe and especially in western world. What’s really interesting is that according to the experts Yoga can actually lead to an improved and fulfilled sexual life.

woman performing yoga exercise

Recent studies have shown that Yoga improves many aspects of our sexual life especially in women. Functions like arousal, orgasm and overall satisfaction. There are Yoga poses (asanas) that can have positive effects on abdominal and pelvic muscle tone, joint function and mood. After several tests performed on women researchers found out that women who performed certain Yoga exercises saw improvements in their sexual function in 6 areas (desire, orgasm, arousal, lubrication, overall satisfaction and pain).

If you haven’t tried Yoga exercises to improve your sex life then this is the right time to take advantage of the ancient wisdom to enjoy more intense orgasms and increased pleasure during sex. There are many online Yoga classes and videos available online. Just remember that not all exercises are appropriate and safe for everyone. You should consult an expert to find the poses that fit your persona and body. For example you may have a look at this yoga class for women that will also give you a flat belly and a Yoga-butt.

Source: Harvard University

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