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Attract The Man You Desire With The Power Of Psychology

So you want to attract the man of your dreams? Here are some proven tips by leading scientists and psychologists that are not like the usual tips you hear from your girlfriends.

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1. Body language
Stand up tall and be confident. Body language is very important because it shapes the way he sees you. Send a signal to show that you are attracted and interested in him by looking him straight in the eyes. Provide your undivided attention when needed and you will notice that his interest in you will increase.

2. Eye contact & smile
As mentioned, if you look the man you desire in the eyes you increase the attraction level. If you want to double the effect of your efforts then use a sincere smile along with eye contact. Experts say that the smile and eye contact combination increases your success rate by 60%.

3. Dim lights
It might seem strange but studies have shown that men find women more attractive when their eyes are dilated. Eye pupils dilate with dim lighting. So, next time you want to attract a men, arrange a meeting in a place with dim lights and conquer his heart once and for all.

4. Gesture mimicking
Experts say that when you are with a man and you copy his gestures you increase the attraction level. Mirroring might come naturally but if you do it on purpose it has a subconscious effect. Of course, you don’t want to copy everything he does but if you sip your drink when he does or if you cross your arms when he does it’s worth a try.

5. Right brain
Studies show that our right brain is linked to our emotions while our left brain is linked to logic. Experts say that if you walk to his left or talk in his left ear you can expect very positive effects because you will be triggering the right hemisphere of his brain. Try using emotional words to maximize your efforts.

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