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Step By Step Psychological Guide To Pick Up The Girl Of Your Dreams

Every man deserves to have the right girl who will love him and care for him unconditionally. A perfect match, this is what most males are dreaming of. Well guess what, this dream can come true if you know how to treat and please a woman. Here is a step by step method based on psychology that will help you in attracting the girl you like. The idea is to first get into the woman’s mind by building emotional rapport and then make her go for a ride of strong emotions. Let’s start.

Step 1: Be prepared.
First make some preparations before you start looking for the right girl. Have the right mindset, be confident, wear nice clothes and learn about the top places where hot women hang out. Believe it or not most men assume that they will somehow get lucky with some girl even without any preparation. If you are well prepared you are one step ahead of the competition.

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Step 2: Explore your area.
As mentioned you must know the right places where hot women hang out. If you are new to the girl pick-up game you should explore your neighborhood first. So learn about the “hot-spots” in your area. You should go to as many bars and parties as possible. Try to know the girls in your area so you can practice your social skills and expand your social circles. Remember that most women respond to men who are social than to men who seem loners.

Step 3: Show your value.
Now that you are well prepared and you know the “hot-spots” in your area you can begin to show your qualities to some girl that you find attractive. If you think that a woman is way out of your league you can still conquer her. First hide the fact that you find her intimidating and then be confident that you are a valuable guy. If you believe it she will too. Never look and act like a desperate guy who only wants to get laid once and then leave, this will turn her off immediately.

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Step 4: Start a conversation.
As mentioned, self confidence is really important. Be as confident as possible even if you are faking it. Start talking to her with a smile and she will be friendly enough to carry a conversation with. Look her straight in the eyes and ask as many questions about her as possible. Most girls like to talk about themselves. If you succeed in starting a conversation you are half way where you want to be with that woman.

Step 5: Offer suspense, drama and confusion.
The final step is to start building some suspense and at the same time keep her confused. Most women love suspense and drama so why not offer these things whenever possible? You also want to hide (from her) the fact that you like her so much. Make it hard for her to figure out what your game is or else she will lose interest in you quickly.

If you follow the simple (and proven) method described in the 5 steps above it is without doubt possible to conquer the heart of the woman of your dreams.

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