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Tips to make a woman fall for you for life…

In order to help guys get the woman of their dreams we are publishing 3 powerful tips (techniques) that well… are supposed to make a woman fall for you and be yours for the rest of your life and even in the afterlife! Enjoy guys…

sexy woman with purse in beach

Technique #1: First Impression
I am sure you have heard of this. Make a good first impression that sticks for life… And it is true because first impressions have a powerful subconscious effect. So, when you are about to meet the woman of your dreams have a good bath and be well dressed (wear aroma) and don’t forget to brush your teeth. Introduce yourself with a smile, look her in the eyes and you’ll make a perfect first impression that may possibly lead you to where you want to be with this woman…

Technique #2: Manliness
Sometimes (if not most of the times) women like brave men or “heroes” probably because they are looking for such a man subconsciously. They know that they will not find a hero these days so even if you are not a brave guy you can express some manliness (cockiness) to show that you can control the encounter with her. This takes some practice and you will definitely have the opportunities to show this “brave” side of your character. If you do it well then your woman might fall in love for you for life… Of course you don’t want to over-do it with this technique and appear like a selfish bast*rd!

Technique #3: It’s all about her…
This technique is equally powerful and applies to first dates but also even if you are not in a relationship yet. If you combine this method with the previous two you can appear as a “perfect man” but know that it will take some time and practice before you feel comfortable applying all the techniques. So, the idea here is to show a great interest in a woman. After you meet and start talking, drive all conversations towards her, her life, her hobbies, her looks, everything about her. Most women will like this attitude and appreciate your interest and this may lead to great things…

female mind control

There you go… A combination of 3 powerful attraction (domination) techniques to conquer a woman for life. As mentioned, you must first completely understand the techniques, then produce a plan and try to practice your skills with a beautiful woman. Check the results, refine your plan and keep it going patiently with the same woman or with another one (until you find the perfect one)…

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