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Brief Introduction To Oral Sex

If one thing is satisfactory about sexual encounters this is oral sex. So we decided to post an introductory article (dedicated to youngsters) with information about oral sex that you will find useful and maybe fun. Keep reading…

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So what is oral sex?

It is the oral stimulation of the genitals with mouth and tongue. The Latin term for penis stimulation is Fellatio (but most people call it blowjob, giving head or sucking). The Latin term for the vulva stimulation is Cunnilingus (some slang expressions for this type of oral sex are: “Going down” or “Eating out”). There’s also the Latin Anilingus which refers to anal oral sex that is the stimulation of the anal opening with mouth and tongue also known as “rimming”.

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Oral stimulation of the penis can be performed by licking, sucking or kissing the penis. Remember that the penis is most sensitive at the head (top part). Oral stimulation of the outer part of the vulva can be performed the same way. If you give pleasure to a person with vulva you should pay attention to the Clitoris which is a part of the vulva very sensitive to touch. The clitoris stands just above the urethral opening and should be orally stimulated for maximum pleasure.

Studies, sex surveys and experiments show that oral sex is practiced by both genders across all races, sexual orientations or  marital status. A 2008 survey showed 90% of adults have had oral sex with a person of the opposite sex.

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Communication between sexual partners is really important when it comes to oral sex. The giving partner should know what feels best for the receiving partner in order to offer maximum pleasure. Good communication leads to better sex it can’t be stressed enough.

Oral sex is a great way to reach a fulfilling orgasm especially for women. Another great way is manual stimulation (masturbation). The human tongue is warm, soft and wet and it is ideal to stimulate the genitals.

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One thought on “Brief Introduction To Oral Sex

  1. Oral sex is the best. I enjoy as a part of foreplay however if I’m with a guy, I prefer to reach orgasm via penetration which happens much more easily following oral. I remember with I first learned latin term for female oral, I felt this feeling of relief. . .prior to that moment, all of the knowledge I held in regards to sex was absolutely male centered.

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