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Introduction To Human Sexuality

Human sexuality is an important part of people’s lives. No matter what your age is or whether you are white or black, sexuality plays a major role in who you are (and what you do).

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There have been many studies on human sexuality with various conclusions. Science tried (and still tries) to understand the human sexual behavior but you may agree with me that sexuality is usually associated with emotions and can be seen as a motivation. As a result, scientists will never achieve to fully explain the various aspects of sexuality. After all every human being is unique.

Because humans use so much time in expressing sexual behavior and thinking about sex we may come to the conclusion that every aspect of our life revolves around sexuality. This is why experts consider sexuality as important as eating and sleeping.

There are various complex factors that lead people to sex and this is what differentiate us from other animals. We have sex for a variety of different reasons while animals have sex mostly for reproduction reasons.

But what exactly is human sexuality?

It is the way we express ourselves as sexual beings and there are many ways to develop it. Gender is an important factor that affects how sexuality is developed in humans. Sexuality should be seen as an integral part of our personalities although most people are not aware of this.

Why know all this stuff about human sexuality?

Simply because learning about sexual behavior is a a primary source of motivation. Think about all the time people spend planning and thinking about sex and add all the time people spend in sexual behavior itself. Overall human behavior is influenced to some extend by sexual motivation. Moreover, educating yourself about sexuality may help you prevent sexual issues like sexually transmitted diseases, sexual harassment or unwanted pregnancies…

Source: California State University

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