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18 Powerful Ways To Turn A Man On

Here are 18 powerful ways any woman can use to turn a man on.

1. Change your looks
Get a haircut, wear a new dress or put that red lipstick on. Move to a more sexy style for a while and be sure that your man will notice the changes and be sexually aroused by the new, sexy you. Experts say that men like variety in order to be turned on…

2. Share a sexual fantasy
Sex therapists say that if you share a wild fantasy with your man you will stimulate his mind in a whole new way and this may lead to exciting sex. Be sure to share something wild and exciting to trigger his instincts…

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3. Use good old rock music
Experts say that old rock of the 70’s or 80’s gives a boost of testosterone to most men. So put that good music on and it may lead to great sex.

4. Look him in the eyes
Experts say that facial expressions are a great to show sexual interest. Whenever you want his libido to rise give him that look full of anticipation, straight in the eyes and watch the results. He will surely get the point…

5. Look at erotic pics
If you don’t want to watch hard core porn you can simply look at some more mild erotic pics that will surely make his libido rise. Even better you can look at photos of the two of you from the past. This is a great opportunity to remind him of past sexual moments you’ve had together.

6. Give him a massage
When you want him turned on try to hold his hand, give him a kiss, rub his back, do something that he enjoys like a sexy massage and your chances to have good sex will increase.

7. Set a sex date
Look at the calendar and find a date when you are both free and you can hang out together. Set a “Sex Date” for that day and invite him. You’ll create anticipation and he will likely can’t wait until the day of the sex date arrives.

the penguin method

8. Text him at work
Experts say that text messages (SMS) have a powerful effect on men. If you want him to be turned on when he’s back home, text him a short and meaningful message when he is at the office. Test the results when he is back from work.

9. Spend time together
If you want to control his sexual appetite do something that will create an even stronger bond between the two of you. For example you can find hobbies that you both like and perform them together, play a game of chess or another game that requires two.

10. Try pomegranate magic
New studies show that pomegranate juice boosts men’s sex drive. Why not offer him a pomegranate cocktail the next time you want to have sex?

11. Make a bath party
Invite him on a bath party with lots of bubbles and candles. Agree to wear only your underwear. This is a great idea that will likely lead to unforgettable moments of pleasure.

12. Welcome him with a hug
When he’s back from work or from the gym and you want to turn him on, give him a soft yet warm hug. Experts say he will immediately start thinking about sex…

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13. Wear red or black colors
Sex experts and studies show that men prefer women who wear red and black colors especially red. So, next time you want sex wear these colors and measure his reactions. Make sure he notices and try to tell if something inside him changes…

14. Give him some chocolate
Chocolate works wonders when you want to turn a man on because when he eats some it will release a certain hormone of relaxation and pleasure in his brain. Experts can’t be wrong! Try it out…

15. Use your body odor
Instead of wearing a perfume let your body odor turn your man on and wake up his prehistoric instincts. There are countless experiments showing how female body odor seduces a man.

16. Talk during sex
Studies show that men can be easily aroused if the know they’ll hear their woman talking during sex. In your next sexual intercourse do some talking. You don’t have to talk dirty. A simple “please” may send the both of you to the heavens of pleasure.

17. Create a sex signal
You can both agree to squeeze his hand twice whenever you think about sex. Then use this sex signal whenever you want some sex. You can even use it when in a public place and measure the results. He will likely can’t wait to have sex when you get back home.

18. Beg him on your knees
I know this will sound a bit weird to most ladies but when you’re feeling hot and desperate to have sex, express it by going down on your knees and then beg your man to do his duty. It can’t go wrong!

So there you go, 18 proven ways you can use to turn a man on. Do you find this article interesting? Check our recommendations…

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