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11 powerful tips to attract a man or woman

Do you want to attract the man of your dreams? Or do you want to live the love life of your dreams with the woman you desire? Whatever the case see what sex experts and scientists are saying and what advice they give in order to attract the perfect woman or the perfect man. Read on…

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#1: White teeth
According to the experts it seems that clean, white, straight teeth make a man or woman more attractive. Teeth indicate good health and good genetics. Teeth are the mirror of our health.

#2: Eating vegetables
Sex experts tell us that eating lots of vegetables and fruits makes a man or woman more attractive because these gifts of nature are responsible for a healthy and youthful skin.

#3 Women smile and men start thinking
According to studies concluded recently women who smile look much more attractive to men. The same studies showed that men who have a thoughtful look appear more attractive to women. Men who smile or laugh don’t seem to attract women.

#4 Men prefer “Silly”, “Drunken” women
This bitter truth is revealed by latest studies from universities. Men who prefer one night stands are more attracted by “silly” or “drunken” women than by serious, smart and sober women.

#5 Men go for a shave
Sex experts revealed that shaved men can better attract women. Men with a beard appear more aggressive and they don’t appeal to women.

#6. Women protect your lips
Whether you believe it or not scientists tell us that lips are the most attractive part of the female body. Put some red lipstick on and look much more attractive to men according to experiments…

#7 Men do not reveal your feelings
Sex experts tell us that men who reveal their emotional world right from the start make women lose their interest immediately. Men, hide your feelings at first and you can become much more emotional some other time.

#8 Men, wear a “T” T-shirt
Do you want to look 12% more attractive to women? Wear a T-shirt (preferably white) with a “T” printed on the front side. According to scientists, this type of T-shirt gives a V-shaped silhouette to a man and this makes him more attractive.

#9 Women talk with a high pitched voice
Experiments from British scientists showed that women with low, throaty voices are less attractive to men. Next time you want to attract a man, talk with a more high-pitched voice. This voice relates with something fragile and tiny according to scientists…

#10 Men promote peace and serenity
Men who are stressed are less attractive to women according to sex experts. A man of peace appears as a man who copes with difficult situations successfully and that means his genetics are strong too.

#11 Ride on a roller coaster
Both men and women should ride on a roller coaster at least once to become more attracted to each other than before. This is what an experiment which involved 1000 participants showed…

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