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7 Things About Sex Everybody Needs To Know

Here are the 7 things you should to know about sexual encounters.

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1. Not everybody is having sex.
If you believe that everybody (especially young people) is having sex all the time then you are wrong! A recent experiment showed that 1/3 of young people (college age) had no sexual activity for over a year…

2. Everybody is different.
What’s right for you might not be right for everyone else and vice versa. Only you can decide if sex is what you want to do. Only you can decide when to have sex and choose the right person…

3. Having sex doesn’t prove anything.
Don’t let a person pressure you into having sex with him/her to prove you have real feelings for him/her. If someone says: “If you love me, have sex with me..”, then he/she doesn’t really love you.

4. Sex is more than physical.
Sex can make you feel happy, but it can also make you feel bad if you have it just because you were talked into it by someone who is not really into you. Sex is not just physical…

5. There are many ways to satisfy your sexual partner.
If you take the time to communicate well with your partner and find out what he/she likes then fooling around or sticking to foreplay can be extremely exciting and satisfying…

6. Sex should be done with protection.
Condoms are your #1 weapon against sexually transmitted diseases like herpes or AIDS. So, if you are having sex, always use a condom even during oral sex. Don’t wait for your partner to bring a condom. Always have one in your pocket, purse or wallet…

7. Birth control should be taken seriously.
So you have an independent adult life. If you are having sex then you need to have a way to prevent pregnancy unless you want to have a kid of your own of course. You have many options apart from condom, like spermicides, the pill, the ring, the cap, the patch and more. Just keep in mind that not all of them are 100% effective.

Source: West Virginia University

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