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4 Tips For A Super Sized Penis

Some women say that bigger is better when it comes to penis size. A 2012 study by Scottish psychologists showed that women reach orgasm more easily when the penis size of their sexual partner exceeds 5.8 inches (or 14.7cm). If this is true then most men should do something to increase their size. Here are some expert tips to help you towards a bigger penis.

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1. Keep your penis “in good shape”
Sex experts say that the average penis gets 15% smaller by the time a man reaches the age of 50. In order to avoid this shrinkage you have to keep your manhood active. This means you should have sex often but if you don’t have a sex partner you should masturbate at least 3-4 times a week. This will keep the capillaries in the chambers of your penis active and “in good shape”. You will not enjoy a size increase but your penis will not get smaller either. So, use your penis often and keep it healthy. After all it is just another body muscle…

2. Turn “bound” Testosterone into “free” Testosterone
Experts tell us that only 2% of men are born with a naturally large penis of over 9 inches (or 22cm). This is not a result of good genes that only the lucky 2% of men have. It all has to do with the Testosterone in the body. Testosterone is a primary sex hormone in men that affects many body systems and of course, penis size. There are two types of Testosterone in the body: “Free” and “Bound”. “Bound” Testosterone accounts for 90% of the Testosterone in the body. Experts say that the more “Free” Testosterone you have the larger your penis becomes! The secret is to convert some of the “Bound” into “Free”. You can do that with certain natural compounds that target freeing up “Bound” Testosterone. The most effective compound for the job is “Tribulus Aquaticus” which is contained in most male enhancement supplements out there…

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3. Forget about penis pumps!
We’ve all seen these penis pumps that are supposed to increase penis size. Many men have used them. These pumps might offer a temporary increase in size but they shouldn’t be used for an extended period of time because they can be dangerous! Pumps can cause vein or nerve damage and they can rupture the capillaries in the two chambers of your penis. Some men reported that penis pump use caused tissue damage in their penis. Pumps do have their place in the male enhancement industry though. If you use them a few times it can be fun and it can make your penis look bigger. But the results are never permanent (the penis will return to its normal size after an hour or so). Use them with caution and only if you want a temporary size increase. Above all, be careful not to hurt yourself…

4. Vitamin E makes you bigger!
Vitamin E can increase sperm production by 50% or more. This is why sex experts recommend it to couples who find it difficult to have a baby. This vitamin can also help your penis look a bit wider (thicker) because of the extra sperm produced. So, if you want to look bigger (and shoot bigger loads) start taking above the normal level of Vitamin E. For example take two times the amount recommended for 1-2 weeks and you will be amazed by how much more sperm you produce. You can find natural supplements with Vitamin E in your local drugstore. Always go for natural products and not drugs (pharmaceuticals) when you want a bigger penis. Synthetic drugs can cause all kinds of side effects and can do more harm than good. They can also make you dependent on them.

If you want a bigger penis you will need to educate yourself about male enhancement and discover secrets and techniques that will work for you and your penis size. If you found the above tips interesting then check out our recommendations…

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