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6 Psychology Tips To Please A Man During Sex

Here are a few simple, yet powerful tips and techniques that will help you be a sex goddess for him… Any girl can easily apply these “secrets” and make her man happy during sexual intercourse. Best of all? You don’t have to act like some porn star to perform these tricks. So, let’s begin…

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1. Insist on foreplay
If you believe that men don’t like foreplay then you are making a big mistake. Men love foreplay, they just feel they don’t need it to get aroused (like girls do). Moreover they find it difficult to express how much they like foreplay with words. So, if you want to please your man give him great foreplay that lasts. He will then enjoy sex a lot more.

2. Don’t wait for his kiss
Most girls like their man to take control of the situation when having sex. And of course, they expect from him to control the pace of kissing. If you want to make a difference, try to take control when kissing. This means you don’t have to wait for his kiss. Grab him and just kiss him. You will definitely surprise him and turn him on.

3. Offer him a massage
If you want to pleasure your man greatly, try offering a massage to him. Show him that you find it difficult to keep your hands off him. Try massaging sensitive areas of his body like the neck, butt or back. You can also try massaging his ears (secret!) and you will send him to the heavens of euphoria…!

4. Please him with good oral sex
There’s no doubt that men love oral sex, especially when their woman uses new methods. So, what you can do is to try to learn the top oral sex techniques and apply the newly discovered secrets on your man. He will be positively surprised and appreciate your efforts and he will definitely be turned on.

mind blowing blowjobs

5. Talk during sex
This is a sex tip that is mentioned in our articles often. It is true that most men like their woman to talk during sex and this is a great way to please a man even further. You can talk dirty (most men will enjoy it) or say simple key words like “Thank you” or “Yes” or “Please…” or “You are the best”, you get the point. You should know what words turn him on.

6. Don’t fall into a routine
Routine is the #1 relationship (and sex) killer. Most couples get bored in bed because they use the same techniques or positions in sex. Then it is hard to look forward to the next sexual intercourse. All excitement is lost. Because boredom is so bad for your sex life, you and your sex partner can agree to constantly try new things (e.g. new sex positions or a sex game).

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