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A Gentleman’s Mini Guide To Conquer A Woman

Here are some tips to help you win a girl’s heart if you are a gentleman and you want a woman for the rest of your life. If you only want to get laid once and then leave then this article might not be for you and it is recommended that you read the step by step psychological guide to pick up the girl of your dreams. Enjoy and have fun with all the advice.

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1. Pursue her with passion
If you truly want a girl and you imagine being married with her you have to pursue her. The best way is to introduce yourself and start a conversation. You must show her that you want her beyond her appearance. If you can’t come up with a good pick up line you can say something simple like: “I want to introduce myself…”. Don’t be intimidated by her beauty. Show her that you want to discover her true self.

2. Treat her like a gentleman
Most girls out there want their man to be in charge. If you can make her go out on a date with you, try to behave like a true gentleman. You know, open the restaurant or cafe door for her (if you open the car door for her you can make her feel like a princess). Allow her to sit down first by pulling her chair and let her order first. Also, when you take a walk be the one to walk closest to the street. All these things will help you conquer her heart.

3. Tell her she’s is beautiful
if your woman is like most women she wants her man to affirm her beauty every once in a while. Take advantage of this fact to conquer her heart. Be real and sincere and simply say something like: “Today you are beautiful beyond every limit…”! Do that on every date and you are guaranteed to have a good time. Here’s another hint. Compliment her when she’s without makeup and you can easily win her heart…

4. Take her to interesting places
If you believe that you need a big bank account to win a girl’s heart, you are wrong. If you succeed in going for a date with her, choose interesting places instead of expensive places (unless of course you are filthy rich and you want to impress her with money only). For example you can take her to a museum or to the zoo. One friend won his girl’s heart by taking her to a place where they painted pottery. And that was on their first date. Show her the best in life and conquer her once and for all…

5. Treat her well in front of other people
When you (and the girl of your dreams) go out with other people treat her like a true gentleman. Treat her like you do when you are alone. Hold her hand and make sincere and genuine compliments. Be kind with her in front of others and you will be rewarded. You can use backhanded compliments as recommended by pick up artists but remember that nothing beats a genuine compliment…

6. Be attentive, protective and a good listener
If you truly want her you must respond to her needs. Pay attention to small details because girls care about the small stuff. Also, show her that you care about her protection. For example don’t let her walk alone to her car or offer to join her if she has to walk somewhere at night. You must also be a good listener and not talk more than her. A good tip is to repeat back some of what she just told you.

7. Always be yourself
You are unique in this world and you have special qualities like all of us. So be confident. When you truly want to conquer a girl’s heart, be yourself in a genuine and sincere way. Don’t try to present a false persona because she might fall in love with a lie or she might reject you and this would be unfair for you. If you find it difficult to follow the tips described above you only have to do one thing to succeed. Be yourself.


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