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Kissing Advice Every Guy Needs To Know

Hey guys, did you know that kissing is a lot more important than you probably think? And… are you 100% sure you are a good kisser? Here are some tips that will help you give the best kisses…

1. Start slow
If you are like most guys you want to pop your tongue right into your girl’s mouth from the beginning. But be reminded that a girl needs a lot more than that to warm up. So, start off slowly by giving her some sensual kisses without using your tongue.

man kissing woman

2. Avoid wet kisses
Most men enjoy wetter kisses but most women don’t, researchers say. Although the saliva is full of testosterone it might not increase the sex drive of your woman. So, avoid wetter kisses otherwise it will turn her off.

3. Use your hands
If you combine a passionate kiss with touching you are well on your way to turn her on. Touch her hair, her face or her lips with the tip of your finger. Be reminded that the scalp is one of the most erogenous zones.

4. Use the right kiss
Use a romantic soft kiss when you’re just starting foreplay. Use a lustful kiss when you want to show your uncontrollable desire for her. Use an intimate kiss to show how connected you are with one another.

5. Pay attention to her body language
To find out what your girl likes when it comes to kissing pay close attention to her body language. For example you can try to suck her tongue or lips or run your tongue along the edges of her lips. If she pulls away when you do something then she probably doesn’t like it.

6. Expand your kissing
It is true that the mouth is the most erogenous zone but there are other erogenous zones like the ears, shoulders or upper back. So, if you want to be a good kisser, try kissing these other zones as well.

7. Kiss her throughout the day
Kissing is not just for foreplay and sex. Kiss your girl throughout the day to increase intimacy within your relationship in an emotional level. Make sure your kisses always send the right messages to her…


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