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Proven And Tested Ways To Turn A Woman On

Women like sex as much as guys but science says that it is harder for women to be turned on. For men it is ridiculously easy. Why is that happening? Maybe because sex, for women, is a whole body and mind experience. In this article I am presenting proven (and tested) ways to turn a woman on. You can also have a look at the article about how to make a woman fall for you for life. So, let’s begin…

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1. Make compliments
Most women will love a genuine and sincere compliment and this is a great way to turn a woman on and lead her to sex (but it’s not all that it takes). If you don’t know how to make a good compliment pick out her good points and simply tell her about them. If you go on a date with a girl tell her how beautiful she looks. It will mean a lot to her. If you are in a long-term relationship you must be extra careful when applying this tip because your woman will probably be able to tell if your compliment is a genuine one.

2. Use body language
I refer to body language in many of the articles of this blog because it is a powerful way to seduce a woman and really turn her on. Here’s some advice. When you are about to see her push your shoulders back and your chin up. Walk tall. Look her in the eyes and be confident. You are unique, take advantage of it. When you go on a date with her, position yourself carefully, either directly opposite her or next to her depending on the situation. When you are next to her it favors flirting and touching. When you are sitting on the opposite side it will allow you to gaze into her eyes and seduce her verbally.

3. Talking is important
If you want to turn a woman on be careful of how you talk to her. If you master the art of talking you will be able to easily seduce any woman. You can also use text messages to send the right signals. Texting has a powerful effect when it comes to turning a girl on. When you are together though, you can talk about sex casually and this way you will make her see you in a sexual way. When you talk do it smoothly and clearly. Some women say that thinking and talking about sex can be as exciting as having sex. So, all you have to do is say the right things in the right time and of course in the right way…

4. Touching is also important
When you like a girl and you want to turn her on you can start touching her strategically. Of course you must first have some clear signs that she’s interested in you. When you are sure you can touch her start gently. For example touch her hand or her hair if it’s covering her face. This way you will show her that you want to feel her body and if you are lucky she will get excited. Then you can move to the next level which is kissing or touching more erogenous zones like the neck or her lips.

The tips above will give you an idea of how to turn a woman on but be reminded that you have to be yourself and not pretend you’re someone else. Apart from being genuine (and sincere), you must also be patient and sometimes leave her wanting more. For example you can get as far as a massage one night and nothing else. This will increase the excitement and the anticipation for the next time you meet.

Now that you know what to do let’s refer to some things you shouldn’t do if you want to turn a girl on:

– Don’t lie
– Don’t pressure her
– Don’t be rude
– Don’t rush things
– Don’t neglect your personal grooming


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