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Ways To Impress A Girl And Win Her Heart

Here are a few surefire techniques that will help any man win a girl’s heart once and for all. If you think it’s something easy then you are wrong. Winning a woman’s heart takes time and effort. It’s not about telling the girl what’s on your mind or telling her how intimidating you find her. It’s not about revealing your emotions from the very start. You must make the girl fall in love with you without showing that you are in love with her. You must first get to know her and grab her attention and then make sure she enjoys your company and presence (or your calls). Then make her see you as a dating potential and not as a friend. Let’s see how you can achieve that…

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Let’s be honest. If you want to win the heart of a great girl you must be a great guy. If you think you are awesome, then you can move to the next step. If you are like most guys though, you need to make improvements to your personality so you can become the #1 man for your girl. For example when you see a guy and you think how cool he is try to compare yourself with him. If you find he has traits that you don’t, try to make improvements to your own personality. When you work to improve yourself you’ll get the desired confidence to win a girl’s heart.

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Once you are ready to make improvements to your personality you can begin conquering her. If you know her you can talk to her or flirt her the right way. There might be other guys who are trying to get the girl’s attention. This is not unusual but what matters is what YOU do to win her heart. So when you meet her talk to her warmly and let her know how happy you are that you see her. Always think twice when you say something. If you want to flirt her find the right time when you are alone with her. Be discreet and subtle at first and if she starts reciprocating become more obvious. Don’t flirt her when there are others around. You can also make compliments to her that are genuine and sincere.

As mentioned you must not let her know that you like her unless you know she likes you already. So don’t think with your heart even if you are badly in love with her. Many guys reveal their emotions to girls who are just not interested in dating them. You might find yourself in a situation where she’s ignoring your calls or she gives all her attention to some other guy. Don’t give up. You’ll always have competition if she’s a great girl. Most importantly don’t ask for explanations because she doesn’t owe you any. Winning a girl’s heart is a big challenge and you must be determined and ready to succeed even if you find obstacles on the way.

A great tip that will help you in conquering a girl’s heart is to make your movements at night because it is the best time to build some intimacy. You can text her or call her at night and try to start an interesting conversation that includes things that interest her, compliments and maybe some flirting in later stages. If you are good she’ll warm up over time and will look forward for your next call. If you discover there are other guys using the same “night-technique”, try to call her first earlier and if you are good she will easily reject the other guy(s) and stick to you conversation.

When you feel it’s time to move to the next level and you already talk to her at nights you can start sharing some of your “secrets” with her. Don’t tell her you like her so much yet. For example you can talk about your past relationships or ask advice on how to deal with a person she doesn’t know about. She will probably be happy to give some advice. If you do it well she will gladly share some of her personal stuff with you and when she does so she’ll feel closer to you and start thinking about you often. If this happens you are on your way to conquer her heart for good.

A great technique to win a girl is to win her friends first. If her friends think you are cool then they’ll tell her about it and this will work on your favor. If the girl has a best female friend (who doesn’t?) then try to approach that friend. Be nice and work strategically. If her good friend becomes your friend too you can then “accidentally” say how much you like the girl you are trying to win. If her friend is impressed by you she will definitely convince your girl to date you because you are such an awesome guy.

Once again I must stress that you must not reveal how much you like the girl of your dreams unless you know she likes you. Try to spend time together and have fun, make long conversations and even flirt her lightly but don’t reveal your true purpose (which is to win her heart). For example don’t give her flowers and/or say something romantic otherwise you will destroy everything. Instead show her that you like spending time with her, make her genuine compliments, share some secrets (if you find the chance) and everything else will follow. Only tell her what’s on your mind if you are 100% sure she likes you and she wants to date you.

Use the advice above to win the heart of any girl. Be genuine, sincere or simply be yourself but don’t brake the rules set here in this article. If you are a little lucky (or just good at what you do) you will make her fall in love with you easily. If you want more tips and techniques to conquer a girl try reading the tips to make a woman fall for you for life or the gentleman’s guide to conquer a woman or even the step by step psychological guide to pick up the girl of your dreams.

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  1. Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point. You clearly know what youre talking about, why throw away your intelligence on just posting videos to your blog when you could be giving us something informative to read?


    1. You are right about writing more but it is not easy for me to write all the time. Firstly because English is not my mother tongue and secondly because my creativity and my instinct leads me to video. My videos are mostly video-articles based on the written articles so it’s nothing new my website visitors can either read the article or watch the video-article… Thanx for confirming that text is more important than video I know it’s true, I will try to write more because of you! 😉


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