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How To Tell If Your Man Is Cheating On You

Last week I went for a coffee with a female friend of mine and she suddenly started crying desperately. I asked her what was happening and she told me her boyfriend was cheating on her. I told her that she might be over-reacting and I asked if she had any evidence for her claims. She told me that all men were b*stards and that she would never again trust any man including me. Then she left me alone.

I felt so sad and this is why I decided to write this article to help women find out if their man is cheating on them. I called my female friend the next day recommending to have a look at an info-product that would make any man devoted to her 100% (more at the end of the article). You might also be interested in reading the tips to keep a man faithful

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1. Cell phone
If you notice your man texting more often than usual while at the same time it takes hours before he replies to you then this might be a sign that he is a cheater. Of course it could also mean that he is just having an important conversation.

2. Hygiene
If you’ve been with your man long enough you know him more than anyone else. For example you know how he takes care of himself. If he suddenly starts caring for his hygiene more than usual, e.g. he is showering more or he is interested in his physical health more than usual then maybe he is trying to impress someone (not you).

3. Working late
If your man suddenly starts working late hours then this might be a sign of cheating. If you notice too many work emergencies happening or big projects that he didn’t mention in advance then maybe he is not actually working…

4. Friends & Family
Is he going out with his “friends” more often than usual? Did something came up with family? Is he telling you that it wouldn’t be such a good idea when you offer to join him? These are red flags that he might be cheating on you.

5. Intimacy
Is he suddenly avoiding intimacy with you? This is a big big red flag and I am sure you will agree with me. If your man fears intimacy he might be cheating to prove to himself he can control his sex life.

the penguin method

6. Selfishness
It’s true that men are selfish beings but that doesn’t mean they should cheat on their lovely wife. If your man is placing himself on top of everything and he never compromises with you then he is the cheater kind of guy and you should start worrying because cheating is a selfish act on it’s own.

7. Social Media
Pay attention to his online habits especially who he likes and follows on social media like facebook or twitter. If you notice he “Likes” a lot of hot, sexy pictures and he “Follows” a lot of sexy, young women then this could be an indication that he is cheating or he plans to do so…

8. Arguments
If your man starts arguing with you even over simple things then this is a huge red flag. He might want to find an excuse to get away from you and go find someone else…

9. Privacy
Is he asking for more and more time by himself lately? It could be a sign of cheating especially if he was comfortable with you being close to him before. How does he spend all this time alone?

All the above may be clear signs that your man cheats on you or he plans to do so. So what can you do? I recommend reading this article about how to keep a man faithful or these tips to keep a man interested in you. Remember that a relationship cannot be built with mistrust and suspicion. You ought to talk to your man about cheating and trust and to try to bring a sense of mutual respect in your relationship. I also recommend learning about two info-products that will make your man 100% devoted to you. The Penguin Method and the Monogamy Method.

The Monogamy Method

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