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Tips To Keep A Man Faithful For Life

Your man has emotional and physical needs. If you don’t do your best to help him meet these needs then your man might seek fulfillment elsewhere. Men might cheat because they lack affection or respect, intimacy or general happiness. Men are strange beings indeed, and they might cheat for reasons that you don’t know about, reasons that were never mentioned. In this article I will present a few key-tips that will help you keep your man faithful and never worry about him cheating. You might also want to read some tips to keep a man interested in you

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1. Tell him you love him
He might be aware of how much you love him but don’t neglect telling him about it every now and then (if not every day). Let him know (with sincere words) how much you care. A simple “I truly love you” can work wonders. Words are sacred but sometimes they must be empowered by actions. Make sure you show him your love and affection through your actions.

2. Show him some respect
It’s true that men have a maturity problem and that they usually make tons of mistakes in their relationships. But they still need some respect from their woman. If you want to keep your man faithful try not to get angry by his mistakes and don’t lose your respect towards him. Your man probably knows he is making mistakes and the last thing he needs is an angry wife or girlfriend to remind him what he has done wrong.

3. Give him all the space he needs
Every man needs some time on his own to perform his hobbies or hang around with his friends. Do not be an obstacle to this. Don’t be with him all day. Give him the space he needs. You might feel jealous or insecure but these feelings can only ruin your relationship. Instead try to find your own hobbies or spend some time with your friends like he does.

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4. Surprise him
If your man is like most men then he needs some “spice” every now and then. Try to keep your man on his toes by leaving him sweet notes or sexy messages. Make him surprises every once in a while. Invite him to try new things that will make you both feel alive and happy. Men usually cheat because their relationship has become a boring routine. By surprising him positively and by keeping things interesting at home you’ll make sure he has no reason to stray.

5. Offer him challenges
This tip applies mostly to sex. You must not let your man get whatever he wants all the time otherwise he will get bored easily. Men are hunters and they are thrilled when they get something they’ve been after for a long time. It’s very fulfilling for them when their hard work has paid off. What you can do is to first find out what is your man’s wildest fantasy, then challenge him by fulfilling his fantasy 2-3 times per year.

6. Be beautiful for him
If you want to keep your man faithful then you must pay attention to your appearance. Looking good will make him want you more and you will also feel good about yourself. People take good care of themselves at the beginning of a relationship and then some years later they think that their partner will love them no matter how they look. This is far from truth. I know it takes a lot of time to shave legs and keep your breath fresh all the time but these little details will make the difference in your relationship. You don’t have to look good all day but every now and then try to be beautiful for him.

7. Keep an eye for signs of cheating
Men are who they are and it is highly unlikely that they change. And when they cheat they usually act like small children and they make obvious mistakes. This is why you have to always keep an eye for signs of cheating (e.g. changes in his behavior or his hobbies or routine, maybe an unexpected present because he feels guilty). If you want to keep your man faithful then you must always be alerted. You know him better than anyone and you must do your best to keep your relationship strong.

Sometimes the situation with men gets unbearable. Some of them just aren’t mature enough to stay faithful. Even if you are the perfect woman for him he might not have the guts to grow emotionally and be devoted to you. If this is the case with your man then you should check out the “Penguin Method” or the “Monogamy Method“. By utilizing the information provided in these two programs you will be able to control your man and (why not?) make him obey you and fulfill your desires…

The Monogamy Method



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