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Tips To Give Her The Ultimate Oral Sex Experience

All men find oral sex a truly enjoyable experience. That is when their woman is giving them oral. But what happens when you (the man) decide to give oral to your woman? It’s a bit more complicated for a woman to enjoy oral sex from her man but if you do it right you will send her to the heavens of pleasure. Sex experts tell us that a woman must be stimulated properly in order to reach an orgasm. So don’t be like most men who expect everything to be perfect with classic penis in vagina sex. Give her oral sex. Here are some tips that will help you…

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1. Talk to her about oral sex
First of all you need to talk to your woman and offer to perform oral sex to her. Discuss about what turns her on and how she’d like to have it. What might be enjoyable for one woman might not be that good for another so you absolutely need to know what she likes. Then commit to give your best self in order to offer a great oral experience to her.

2. Make sure she is relaxed
Sex experts tell us that if a woman is not properly relaxed she will not enjoy oral sex from her man. It is very sexy for her to have a man who is not rushing things, a man that will give oral for as long as it takes until climax. So, if you are about to give the best oral to your girl make sure she is comfortable with what is happening and take your time making sure she is enjoying the whole experience.

3. Choose a good oral sex position
Sex advisors recommend placing a pillow under her butt or back to make her feel great. This way you will lift her pelvis up. Then you can keep her knees wide so you have all the space you need to give her oral. The man must also be in a comfortable, relaxed position for best performance. You can put a pillow under your knees to achieve a good oral sex position. It will give you great leverage. Experiment with her until you find a position that you both enjoy and one that is not tiring and brings results.

4. Use your tongue properly
As you can imagine the proper use of your tongue is very important if you want to give her the best oral experience. Sex experts advise to start slow, going up and down and when she starts to like it increase speed and intensity. You can start by licking the thighs first and then move down slowly. Paying attention to how she feels as you give her oral is also important. Learn to “read” her so you know if you are doing everything right.

5. Read her body
In previous tip I mentioned how important it is to “read” her as you perform oral. You can achieve that by monitoring her breath, listening to what she says or observing how she moves her hips. If you give her oral the way she likes you will notice she’s more and more turned on. If you “listen” to her body (and mind) it will be easy to give her the best oral sex experience she ever had.

6. Use sex toys
You shouldn’t be afraid to use a vibrator when you lick her. It can turn out to be a very useful tool that you will both love. Sex experts say it takes 20-25 minutes for a woman to reach climax so you must know you’ll be there for a while. To provide a better experience seek the help of the right sex toy. A small and easily handled vibrator will do the job and will still keep you in control. You can use the vibrator on the clitoral hood while you work in the labia area with your tongue.

7. Not all women are the same
Utilize the previous tips to discover what gives her the most pleasure. When it comes to oral sex there are women who enjoy a side to side tongue motion in the clitoral hood. Other women enjoy an up and down rhythm better. Some women will be more into the clitoral hood while others will be more into the labia. Move based on her response and as time passes increase speed and pressure and you’ll perform well.

If you want to know more about how to give her the best oral you can consider this cunnilingus encyclopedia which contains detailed oral sex techniques that will get her from frigid Ice Queen to a hot panted Juicy Lucy. These unique lessons will teach you exactly what to do when giving oral sex. This way you will protect your lovely woman from other men. Highly recommended…

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