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Tips & Exercises To Lasting Longer In Bed

Sex experts say that the average time of a sexual intercourse is 6-8 minutes. They also say that most guys (more than 50%) last about 2 minutes. This is a problematic situation if you consider that the ideal length of an intercourse is 15-20 minutes. Experts say 80% of men cannot achieve the ideal length. If you are like most men you want to last longer in bed so, here are some tips and exercises that will help you meet this goal.

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First let me tell you why it is important to last longer. Well, for men it is crucial to perform well in sex. If they don’t last long enough they will lose their self-confidence and it will affect how they think of themselves. No man wants to worry about how long he will last in bed and every man wants to be sure he can satisfy his sexual partner. Which brings me to my second point about the importance of lasting longer in sex; The satisfaction of your sexual partner. If you are like most men then lasting longer will help your partner orgasm easier. If you care about your sex partner then you owe it to yourself to learn how to last longer.

Now on to the advice…

So, you are ready to learn how to last longer in bed, but are you ready psychologically for the next sexual intercourse? Because if you believe you won’t last long then this is what will happen. If you worry, you become stressed and this is really bad when having sex. Your body will try to reduce the amount of time you are stressed and you will either ejaculate quickly or you will have erection problems. So, above all you must face the next sexual intercourse with a positive attitude on how you will perform. The best way to achieve that is by communicating well with your sexual partner. Don’t worry about what your partner will think. They will likely be glad to help you and to know that you want to improve this part of your relationship. So, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Be open about it with your sexual partner.

The next step is to start performing the following exercises that will help your sex last longer and will not take much of your time. Did you know that men can also perform Kegel exercises? You can start doing kegels to strengthen the muscles that control ejaculation. First you must locate the muscle that controls the flow of urine and your ejaculation. This muscle is called PC muscle (PuboCoccygeus). To find this muscle drink some water or juice and when you go to pee try to stop yourself from peeing. The PC muscle is located in the area between your legs, behind your balls and before the anus. You can explore that area with your fingers until you discover the muscle. If you strengthen the PC muscle you will be able to stop yourself from ejaculating and this will give you great control that you and your sexual partner will love. To train this muscle you can perform kegel exercises for a few weeks before expecting to see any results in bed.

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The second exercise is to start masturbating but a little bit differently. Most men want to finish the job quickly. But if you want to be trained you have to spend some more time with your penis. Set a goal not to ejaculate unless 10 minutes have passed. It doesn’t matter if you just stare at your penis (just joking). The idea is to start masturbating and increase intensity then stop for a while (reduce intensity) and then increase again and repeat. Do this for 10 minutes and then you can let yourself go and ejaculate. When you are in control of the exercise you can increase the time limit to 20 or 30 minutes. You can take deep breaths and change your thoughts while masturbating if you want to make this exercise easier. The more you exercise the better you will become in lasting longer in bed. If you do this exercise you will notice that your orgasms are much more intense and pleasurable than usual.

Another, simpler exercise to help you last longer in bed is to train yourself to breath slowly from your diaphragm. Because whether you know it or not, your breathing plays a role on how fast you ejaculate. You can become more aroused or less aroused by changing your breathing. Train yourself to breath slow when you want to bring yourself down. Your breaths should be deep belly breaths with your diaphragm. When you ejaculate your breathing pace increases so, if you breath fast during sex your body will think you are close to ejaculation.

Another tip to help you last longer in bed is not to go straight to sex after oral sex or foreplay. As mentioned it is important to communicate well with your sex partner. If your partner knows you are training to last longer you can ask her not to go straight to sex after she gives you oral. For example you can offer to give her oral before the actual intercourse. So, she gives you oral first, then you give her oral and then you go to sex. I am sure she will love this idea and she will be warmed up more.

If you want to take it one step further (and last over 30 minutes in bed) consider these secrets to lasting longer from Big Mike, an ex-porn star. He will teach you the single most powerful exercise you can use immediately to last longer in bed. You will also learn about the danger of using wrong sex positions in bed. He will show you a great sex position that will instantly add at least five more minutes to your lasting time. If you want to avoid the mistakes most men make that instantly kill their lasting time then the secrets to lasting longer from Big Mike is what you are looking for.-

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  1. I didn’t realize guys could do kegels. Well, perhaps I did but I certainly didn’t realize they could offer some improvement. I certainly must share this in a post I’m working with some issues that I’m having with men lasting longer in bed. Thanks for this.

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