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Sexy Texts You Can Send To Your Man To Turn Him On

Text messages have a powerful effect on men and they can be a huge turn on for them. If you are out of inspiration this blog post will present some text examples that you can send to a guy to turn him on and increase anticipation for your next sexual meeting… Hope you enjoy reading.

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1. I was dreaming of you last night and it was a very dirty dream. Let’s make it a reality tonight…
2. I use one hand to press the send button for this text. I use my other hand to press MY button…
3. I am performing yoga exercises naked. Come and see how flexible I am!
4. I am at the restaurant bathroom and I took off my underwear. One less item for you to remove tonight.
5. I just bought some new underwear from Victoria’a Secret. Want a private show tonight?
6. Please tell me what turns you on the most and I promise we’ll do it tonight…
7. I found out what’s missing in my life… You between my legs!
8. If we were together right now where would you want me to touch you?

9. I was very naughty today and I need someone to spank me. Will you be the one to do it?
10. You know what I’m thinking? Here’s a hint; it involves you naked and my tongue…
11. When I think of you I always feel like touching myself. I can’t help it…
12. I need someone to help me put this sunscreen on and later… to help me take my bikini off!
13. Hey you look good today. I know it because you look good everyday…
14. If you want to know what I’ll do to you later, too bad! You must wait and find out.
15. Do you want to find out what I desire the most in this world? It is the second word of this text!

16. Today I’m not wearing a bra and I thought you should know!
17. I was thinking about you and guess what, I was suddenly undressed…
18. FYI when you come home tonight I want to start in bed!
19. Just put on some really sexy underwear… Now who will help me take it off?
20. I am picturing you naked right now and gosh you look good…
21. 100 things I like in you. 1.You are hot, 2.You are hot, 3.You are hot… You get my point!
22. I am at work and the only thing I think about is how to throw you down on my desk
23. I just had a shower but I wanna be dirty again. Why don’t you come and help me?

Source: PairedLife

text that girl

These are just some examples of texts you could send to a guy to turn him on. Texting a man is part of modern romance and it is indeed important. So, next time you want to increase intimacy and sexual energy, just know that the power is in your fingertips…

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