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How To Make A Girl Notice You And Charm Her

The desire of many men is to catch a girl’s attention or “catch a girl’s eye” and this is 100% possible if you follow some basic rules. In this article I am presenting some advice that will help you do just that. You must be aware that not all girls are the same and some require a special attitude in order to be charmed. But generally speaking there are basic tips that any man can follow and succeed in making a girl notice him.

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1. Confidence is super important
Some people appear really confident to women and others just don’t. The good news is that you don’t need to be confident in order to appear confident. And there are even greater news. If you appear confident then you will gradually become more and more confident. Here are 3 tips you can follow to appear confident to women:

1. Choose a good posture
2. Smile with your whole face
3. Look others in the eyes

These 3 tips will make you look confident even if you are not. Moreover you will appear approachable and friendly. With a little practice you can implement these 3 tips and after some time you will notice your self confidence rising. You will also catch women’s eyes because confidence is of the top tips to attract a woman.

2. Wear nice clothes and be clean
Wearing nice clothes is really important when you want to draw a girl’s attention. You don’t have to choose the most expensive ones but clothes that fit right and most importantly clothes that make you feel good about yourself. Check your wardrobe and decide whether you need more clothes and if that’s the case go to your favorite shopping mall and buy some clothing. Don’t be afraid to ask for the sales girls (or sales man) opinion to find something that fits you. Apart from wearing nice clothes you also need to take good care of yourself. Take a bath and brush your teeth before you go out looking for some woman. You should generally follow a healthy lifestyle so you appear to ladies like a strong healthy man with good genes.

3. Be Social
Women like men who are social and those who have gained the respect of others. Respect must be earned and it’s not something that’s been given for free. That’s a reality. To earn respect be a social person with a positive and friendly attitude. Your actions can also earn some respect for you. Before you do something, think about it twice or more. In other words if you really want to draw a girl’s attention be a social kind of guy who appears confident and wears nice clean clothes. If you do this you will be one step ahead of most other men out there (competition). Now that you know the 3 basics to catch a woman’s attention let’s say a few words about how to approach a girl and create a connection

4. Be fast
Some say a man should wait for the right moment before he approaches a girl. While this maybe true in some cases it’s not the ideal strategy if you want to be ahead of the competition. Instead of waiting for the right moment to approach her just go and start talking to her. The more you wait the more doubts will start filling your mind. Because the right moment is the one that you make for yourself. Approach her with confidence and with a smile and an open mind. You got nothing to fear and if you are rejected for some reason (not likely) you can always try your luck with another girl. Start a conversation in a straightforward way by saying something like this: “Hello, I saw you standing here and I immediately felt like talking to you, I hope you don’t mind…“. Remember most men will never follow this approach.

So, these are some basic tips that will make the difference and help you attract the woman of your dreams. If you find it difficult to follow the advice and make changes to your attitude and lifestyle then just be yourself. There’s a woman for every man out there so yours might be waiting just around the corner. Hope you enjoyed reading and I wish you all success in conquering the heart of the woman of your dreams.

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