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How To Make A Girl Want You By Texting Her

There are many men who are interested to learn how to text a girl and conquer her heart. So, I decided to write this article and present some tips. Follow the advice and win any girl just by texting her. I also give links about a unique resource that will help you master the art of texting. Before proceeding to the main part of the article I want to tell you that if you want to succeed with texting girls you must try to have fun above all and keep your messages simple and playful. So, on to the tips and I hope you enjoy it…

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One of the goals when you text a girl should be to make her smile. You can do that if you tease her. By teasing her you will make her laugh and show her that you have a good sense of humor and that you are a confident man. Girls like men with confidence. Here’s an article that outlines the importance of confidence when you want to make a girl notice you and charm her.

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Another way to make her smile is to make fun of yourself with your texts but not through self-deprecation. By making fun of yourself you will make her feel more comfortable with you and be attracted to you. When following this tip make sure you do it in a tongue-in-cheek manner otherwise you may appear like a man with little or no self confidence and appearing confident is super important when you want to attract a girl over text.

When you make a girl laugh with your texts you brake the ice between you and her and a good tip to achieve that is by guessing her answers. When you guess her answers in your messages in a fun way you separate yourself from most other men. That puts you ahead of the competition and can make the girl really interested in you. Here’s an example of a text where you try to guess her answers: “What will you do this evening? Thinking of attending a knitting class to make me a scarf? You are so sweet! :)”.

Apart from making a girl laugh with your texts another great way to make her want you is when you are not making things too easy for her because this might turn her off. Instead try to provide a challenge when texting her. This will increase her interest in you and you can make her chase YOU. Here are some ways to achieve that challenge approach…

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A great way to provide a challenge and make her chase you is when you joke about how the two of you would never be right for each other. When you push away like this you give the girl the impression that you are not after her and then she has all the space she needs to chase you. Another way to provide a challenge is when you are not over-texting her. This is really important because if you over-text her you might destroy everything and she could lose her interest in you. As a general rule you can text her only if she is texting back.

So these are some basic tips on how to make a girl want you by texting her. Remember that above all your goal should be to make a girl feel good with your texts. As you can imagine the tips and advice in this article depend on how close you are with the girl you are after. So, if you just got her phone you should avoid immediate flirting and be more serious with your messages. On the other hand if you know the girl for some time your texts can be more straightforward. It’s up to you to evaluate the situation and apply the tips correctly to conquer the girl.

If you want to take it one step further and learn exactly what to text to a girl in order to have sex with her as soon as possible then you need to see “Text That Girl“. An info product which will help you master the art of texting. When you apply the secrets mentioned in “Text That Girl” the only challenge for you would be to get her phone. The rest will follow…



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