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The Ideal Body In Today’s World And How To Learn To Love It

The various cultures around the world have idealized different body types. In Philippines for example they consider a fat body as ideal and as a symbol of strength and wealth. During renaissance in Europe they considered pale skin as admirable so as women used make-up to whiten their skin. In modern Western cultures the thin female body is idealized. We see thin and skinny women presented by the media as ideals. In men strengthened bodies are considered ideal.

Beautiful female body

The problem is that magazines and the media in general present as ideal a type of female body (thin) that in reality is unobtainable even with hard diet and exercise. In men we are presented with a type of body that is incredibly difficult to achieve without steroids. Moreover images of men and women presented in the media are edited with a variety of digital tricks (e.g. photoshoped). Even though these idealized body types are far from the average human, both women and men feel inferior to these so-called perfect standards. Do not measure yourself to these unobtainable bodies. Keep a realistic body image.

Look at what’s going on in today’s world with the female body. Women are constantly bombarded by the media with messages telling them that their bodies are somewhat lacking something. It is nearly impossible for women to feel good about their bodies. Here’s an example: Women are told by the media that they should get rid of cellulite and that only a fat-free body is ideal. The truth is that even thin women might have cellulite. All female body images presented by the media are enhanced and digitally edited so as to give the illusion of perfection (especially in advertisements). These images tell women that unless they buy some product they will be deficient. The solution to this problem might be a perception that each body is unique and valuable, something that we should take good care of.

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Here are some tips that will help women enhance their body image and feel good about their body:

– Don’t talk about fatness
– Perform exercises that you enjoy
– Don’t use a scale to weigh yourself
– Tell your self that there’s no such thing as a “good” or “bad” food. All types of food are good in moderation.
– Admire role models for what they have achieved in life and not for their physical appearance
– Don’t read magazines
– Know that the media, the diet & fitness industry, the advertisers and fashion managers are only interested in profit
– Make a list of your positive body assets
– Relax and do what you love

Don’t be like most women who are unsatisfied with their bodies and wish they could change their appearance. Instead love your body the way it is. Don’t focus on perceived negative aspects of your body because you risk destroying your sexual and emotional health…

Beautiful male body

In men the situation is pretty much the same. Men compare their bodies to unobtainable standards. The solution (once again) is to love your body for what it is. Do not focus on the flaws you might believe your body has. Each human body is unique and should be loved in order to work perfectly. Discover how beautiful your body is. An importand body factor that concerns many men is the size of the penis. Be aware that most women don’t care about penis size.

Here are some tips that will help you influence your body image and love your body:

– Engage in activities that make you feel good about yourself. Know that your self confidence should come from character aspects like creativity, intelligence or determination not from your physical appearance.
– Don’t focus on images with so-called “perfect” bodies of men who are usually edited to present something not achievable. Don’t read magazines or watch movies with unrealistic men.
– When someone offers a compliment accept it with joy and satisfaction.
– Don’t focus on perceived body flaws. Instead focus on your wonderful qualities.
– Make a list of all your amazing body (and character) assets. Refer to this list by making affirmations that enhance your love for your body.
– Do not use muscle building pills and chemicals (steroids) which are really dangerous for your health and will never really help you meet the “perfect” standards.
– Do not exercise more than you can enjoy (e.g. an hour of exercise should be adequate to make you feel good about yourself)

Both men and women should know that their body is a very beautiful thing the way it is. Have realistic expectations of your body because the human body is beautiful in all shapes and forms. Honor your body and you will live a happy, long life…

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