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Advice To Keep A Man In Love With You Forever And Ever

Ladies often ask me how to keep their man interested, faithful and in love with them eternally. So, after enhanced research I decided to write this article to help all you girls keep your man in love with you forever and ever. Before judging this article be reminded that I am only offering some insight here. Not all men are the same and it’s up to you to decide whether following my advice will have the desired effect(s) to your man. I wish you happy reading. Don’t forget to check out the resource I am presenting in the end of the article. Now on to the advice.

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Firstly, i recommend you do something that most women will avoid and that is to make him compliments about his penis. Believe me if you do it in a honest way your man will love it and will never want to lose you. Tell him that he has the best penis that you have ever seen and that it’s one of the things that make him so amazing. Make this compliment often and (why not?) tell him that you would do anything to please this part of his body.

My next advice is towards married women. If you are married with your man then make him want you forever by contributing to your relationship and do this in an obvious way so that he knows. Maybe you can contribute by bringing some income to the family or by having his favorite food ready when he comes back from work or by cleaning the house or preparing some fancy surprise for the kids. The idea is to make him see that you are such an important part of your marriage and you work to keep your relationship strong.

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Another advice that you are probably aware of is to try to look after yourself for your man. Be clean, follow healthy habits, wear nice clothes, wear aroma and let him know you do all these things for him and your relationship (not only for yourself). Moreover invite and (why not?) convince your man to follow the same healthy lifestyle as you (e.g. exercise together). This way you will both be happier, healthier and in love.

On to the next advice. If you want your man to be in love with you forever and ever, support him in any way that you can. All men go through difficulties (e.g. problems at work) and this can be really obvious in the eyes of a woman. So, next time you see your man sad or worried try to stand by him. Ask him to tell you all that’s going on and if he resists tell him that he will feel a lot better if he shares his worries. Tell him that the female mind can always come up with solutions.

Another thing that most men occasionally do is f*ck up. It’s part of their personality. I am not referring only to cheating. It’s a fact your man like all men will disappoint you by screwing up once in a while. This is the time when he will expect you (and others) to be mad with him. But you are smarter than that right? You must let his screw up work on your favor. Instead of being mad with him try to relax and make him understand that he is better than that. By telling him he can do better you position yourself on top of him.

Here’s one more really good and effective advice. Offer your man some positive surprises. Maybe it’s a surprise sex invitation or a sudden call where you tell him all these nice things that will make him feel confident about your relationship. All men love positive surprises, your man can’t be an exception. Put your female mind into action. You know more than anyone else what your man likes so think about it for a while and make him a surprise that he will remember for the rest of his life.

And that’s the advice I have prepared for you so this article is about to end. In this blog you will find a lot more articles and videos that deal with how to keep your man in love with you forever. Check out the tips to keep a man faithful for life, the 6 psychology tips to please a man during sex, the 11 powerful tip to attract a man, the 18 powerful ways to turn a man on, the article about how to attract the man of your dreams with the power of psychology and some more tips to keep a man interested in you. If you want even more articles for a better sexual life for women check out the articles page.

As you probably know after reading this article keeping your man in love with you forever and ever takes effort and time. You need to somewhat devote yourself to him. Be aware though that you must not neglect yourself. Never stop pursuing your personal goals and dreams and keep working not just for him but for yourself as well. After all if he finds out that he means the entire world to you he might be overwhelmed (and maybe bored) and he will take you for granted which is not a very good thing for your relationship.

And before I finish this article I want to reveal to you something really out of the ordinary. It is an info product that will help you control your man and make him be faithful, obey you and fulfill your desires forever. This is breakthrough information that is hard to find. It is called the “Monogamy method” and I recommend you take a look at it right now… Read more…

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  1. This just gave me confidence, I have been doing mostly all the positives in this Blog👍🏼 cleaning,cooking,looking amazing everyday as well as full sexual attention to my husband.. I can still get him to pop in seconds.. I must be doing it right 👍🏼😃 thank you!! ➕Following

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