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The Art Of Making A Woman Want To Have Sex With You

A lot of guys that I talk with say that they find it hard to make a woman want to have sex with them, even when they are in a relationship for years. In my opinion making a woman want you sexually is not that hard because women love/like sex more than men (so say our sex experts)! With this article I aim in helping guys with this issue. Read on and you will find out how easy it is to make a woman want to sleep with you again and again…

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Method #1

The most powerful method to make a woman have the desire to have sex with you is to make her feel sexually attracted to you when interacting with her. This can be achieved if you talk right to her, because her sexual attraction is based on how you talk and what you do when she’s around. Your words must turn her on not off. Your words must make her feel like she’s unique to you, like she’s some kind of sex goddess.

A lot of men talk to their woman like she’s some good old friend or like she’s a little girl. If you want to have sex with her say something sexy that will trigger her emotions (women are very emotional) and say it in a masculine way so that she knows she’s dealing with a real man. Also, don’t forget to flirt with her even if she’s your wife or a friend you want to have sex with. Flirt will help you keep the spark alive. As a conclusion make sure you say and do things that will turn her on when she’s around even if you only have 5 minutes with her.

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Method #2

Another way to make her want you sexually is to show her (and be clear) that you find her super attractive. Especially when you meet a woman for the first time you must let her know, some way, that you like her and that you are sexually attracted to her. Why? You may ask… Because most women (and this is very true) do not find themselves beautiful. Well not all of them but the majority of women focus on their flaws (body flaws or personality flaws), in things that you may not even know or be able to notice. Even if you know a woman for years you must know that she feels insecure about her beauty. It is strange indeed but it’s true. If you read my article about the ideal body in today’s world you will find out the reason for this insecurity.

Now, if you want her to want to have sex with you don’t assume she believes she’s beautiful even if you find her super attractive. A woman must feel comfortable to want to have sex and she must be 100% sure you truly want her sexually. So, you can say something like “I find you very sexy…” and almost always you will get a positive reaction (just be sincere).

If the woman is already your friend say something like “Hey, you look so amazingly sexy today. Well done!“. If you tell her she’s “sexy” instead of “nice” or “beautiful” and you tell it in a honest way you will immediately let her know you truly feel sexually attracted to her. If the woman is your wife say something like “I find you the sexiest woman on the planet” and look at her with desire.

Method #3

A third method that works almost all the times is when you use your touch to make her want you sexually. What do I mean by this?

If you don’t know the woman and you want to meet her, approach her with confidence, give her a handshake and introduce yourself (be confident). You can say something like “Hi, I am Joe – I saw you and I thought I’d come and say hello… You definitely are the most beautiful woman in this place!“. If you introduce yourself like this you will turn her on instantly. She will be attracted by how relaxed you are and with your masculinity and confidence (not to mention she will enjoy the compliment).

If the woman is already your friend you can use your touch by giving her a warm hug. For example when you are about to part with her you can say something like… “I need a hug please… Can I have a goodbye hug?“. Just hug her for a few seconds (warmly) then let her go and say something like “I really loved this hug, I found it very sexy. And you, you look so sexy!“…

If the woman is your wife or girlfriend she might not be in the mood for sex (you know, the spark might be dead). So, all you have to do is interact with her and make her feel attracted to you (remember the first method I mentioned previously?). For example you can hug her warmly and ask her to relax with you for a couple of minutes. Then start touching her gently and don’t rush. If she resists keep telling her she’s sexy and start kissing her under her ear or on the side of her neck. This will definitely turn her on, I assure you. From there you should know what to do and where to go.

So these are the three powerful methods that sum up the art of making a woman feel horny about you and desperate to have sex with you. I also use these methods to make women want to have sex with me. If you want more tips you might be interested in my article about how to find a woman to date you or my step by step psychological guide to pick up the girl of your dreams. You might also like my tips to make a woman fall for you for life or my other article with proven and tested ways to turn a woman on

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