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Useful Advice To Help You Seduce A Man

Hello ladies! In this blog I have given tips to keep a man interested in you, I have talked about how to attract the man you desire with the power of psychology, about powerful ways to turn a man on, I’ve shown tips to please a man during sex and much more but no matter what I do we can’t escape the fact that not all men are the same and my advice may be valid in order to conquer some types of men but not valid to conquer any type. So, here’s one more article with top info about how to seduce an average man. These tips can be applied if you don’t know the guy and you are just starting to try to conquer his heart. So, let’s begin…

man and woman in love hugging

1. The place
It is very important to choose the right place for the purpose of seducing a man. You should avoid a place where there are many distractions and competition (other women). If you have the chance to arrange a romantic dinner (preferably a private one) with candles and erotic music, this will give you the best chances and you will have all his attention.

2. The perfume
It is known for centuries that a woman’s scent has a strong subconscious effect on men. Latest studies revealed that women who wear perfumes have increased attractiveness and men would easily fall for them just because of their scent (can you believe it?). If you want to successfully seduce a man use some aroma but use it sparingly in key places of your body like behind the ears or on your wrists.

3. The dress
The way you dress certainly can affect how men see you. You must be careful though not to go slutty because it will likely turn your man off. You need to find the balance between showing your body and hiding your feminine qualities. A good approach would be to choose a dress that enhances some of your body regions without showing anything. And of course you must wear something that makes you feel good and sexy.

the penguin method

4. Your confidence
Being super-confident can really turn a man on especially when you meet him for the first time (first impression is very important). You must show him that you know what you’re after and how to get it but without appearing arrogant (men hate arrogance in women). Body language can help you look confident if you expose your chest by keeping a straight spine with your shoulders back.

5. Your signs
If you follow the previous tips then you can safely send some signals of interest to the man you desire. Allow him to come forward. Show him that he has a chance with you. If the man finds you intimidating then he might step back so you must make him feel that you like him in some way. Face him directly, play with your hair, bite your lips a couple of times while he’s watching you and you will send the right signals to him.

6. The “hard to get” game
The idea is to make it a little hard for him to have you, especially if he shows some interest. You must be careful though because if you play it very hard it can be a huge turn-off for your man. What you need to do is show how much you want him then step back for a few minutes and then start showing that you desire him again. This “game” is only for the beginning because experienced men might understand what you are doing.

7. Your eyes
This technique comes from previous centuries but it might have the desired effect on some men and turn them on. In order to apply it you can start looking at your man straight in the eyes for a while and then when he looks back, you lower your eyes and head immediately. Then do it again after some time and when he looks back lower your eyes and head and throw in an embarrassed smile. You can call this flirting with no talking…

woman touching man

8. Your touch
This is another powerful method to show him that you are not interested in being friends only. The idea is to “accidentally” touch him and not in an obvious way. For example you can touch his hand briefly when he makes an interesting point in a conversation. This “accidental” touch will connect the two of you and it will create tension. Just be playful and try it to see the results…

If you follow these 8 tips then you can seduce practically any man but as mentioned in the beginning of the article not all men are the same and you must find the golden balance when you apply the tips…

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the penguin method

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