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Step By Step Guide To Help A Woman Reach A Fulfilling Orgasm

Whether we believe it or not the majority of women find it hard to reach a fulfilling orgasm. It’s not their fault and it has nothing to do with stuff like the size of the penis. To put it simply a woman needs time, tenderness and a man (or another woman!) who can provide stimulation of her clitoris and/or her G-spot. Here’s a step by step guide that will lead to a successful female orgasm…

Speedy woman is sexually stimulated

Step 1: Insist on foreplay

Foreplay is very important and it shouldn’t be something that starts a few minutes before the actual sexual intercourse. For men it is very easy to be aroused and move on to vaginal penetration with even a couple of minutes of foreplay. For women though, sexual arousal can only be achieved after plenty of emotional and physical stimulation. Only then a woman can feel aroused and become lubricated and ready for orgasm.

In order for a woman to reach a mind blowing orgasm, foreplay should start hours before sex. Here are some tips on how to achieve this:

Attention Ladies! Here’s why you can’t reach an orgasm…

1. Give her mental stimulation by leaving her a sexy note or by calling her at work and expressing your desire for her.

2. Create a sensual atmosphere by utilizing soft music, candles, a bottle of wine and of course fresh flowers…

3. Create sexual tension by giving her a hug or by touching her thigh or hair or by holding her hand.

4. Kiss her softly on her erogenous zones like her neck, shoulders or her ears. Kissing should be an important part of foreplay.

5. Talk to her in an erotic way or whisper her how much you like her and how much you find her attractive or how good she makes you feel.

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Step 2: Discover her clitoris and G-spot

In order for a woman to experience a true orgasm there are two places on her body that must be stimulated properly: her clitoris and her G-spot.

The clitoris is small and one can find it near the top of the vagina. It contains plenty of nerve endings that make it very sensitive to touch. The clitoris is protected by the clitoral hood which prevents over stimulation. In order for the clitoris to erect and the clitoral hood to draw back a woman must be touched or licked in that area.

The G-spot is another sensitive, orgasmic area and it can be found inside the vagina. To discover this area which is full of nerve endings one can use fingers… With the palm facing up slide your finger inside the vagina and use rhythmic motions until you know you’ve found it. Some women enjoy their G-spot directly stimulated, others not.

If you want to offer the best orgasmic experience to a woman you should ask her first how she likes to be touched in these areas of her body…

Tips to give her the ultimate oral sex experience…

Step 3: Try sex positions that are female friendly

Now that you know how to use foreplay the right way and what orgasmic areas should be properly stimulated in order for a woman to be aroused, it is time to move to the actual sexual intercourse (Men will probably say here: At last! Vaginal penetration…)

The idea is to try female-friendly sex positions, in other words, positions that provide the best stimulation of the clitoris and the G-spot!

rear entry sex position
“Rear entry” sex position

Examples of ideal sex positions are “Woman on top”, “Sitting” or “Rear entry”. Many experts will say that the “Missionary” sex position is also good but be warned that this sex position with the man on top doesn’t make it easy to stimulate the clitoris and the G-spot. So…

I hope you enjoyed this article! If you want to read more orgasm-related articles learn how to have an orgasm on time every time, learn about orgasmic dysfunction and how to treat it and if you enjoy stimulating women discover the tips to give her the ultimate oral sex experience. My article with the top reason why you can’t reach an orgasm might also be helpful especially for ladies…

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