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Dating Tips For Men (Especially For The First Few Dates)

There are guys who believe that dating is simple. You just ask a girl out, then you buy her a coffee or dinner or you take her to the movies and then you try to get into her pants. Well, this is not a realistic way to view/describe dating. Today it is a bit more complicated. Here are some dating tips that will help you be a winner on your first dates and avoid mistakes and misunderstandings with the girl you are interested in.

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1. Be prepared.
And by this I mean to have a plan. Where will you take her? What will you do? Some girls might not like the idea of planning a date beforehand but even such a girl will be disappointed if she finds out you don’t have a clue where to take her. No need to plan every minute though. Just have a couple of options ready and propose the ideas to her and decide together.

2. Don’t use your cell phone
If you constantly use your phone during the date it’s not a good thing. It will be a huge turn off for her. She will definitely notice and will likely think that the date is not going well or that you are addicted or something. So, put the phone away at least during your encounter with her.

3. Don’t ask her why she is single
This is a big mistake that many men do. Believe me you don’t want to ask her this question no matter how curious you are, it shows high levels of insecurity. Moreover, it will send a signal that you think there’s something wrong with her. She might be single for a number of reasons which you will find out if you continue to date her.

4. Listen to her answers
I know you are like most guys who ask all kinds of questions during a date. That is absolutely fine but are you listening to the answers she gives? Or you just reply with a simple “yeah”, thinking of what to ask next? You must be ready to listen to her answers and this is a very important tip especially during the first few dates.

5. Don’t mention your ex
This is a basic dating rule that (shockingly) many men ignore although it’s common sense. Especially on your first date you must avoid mentioning your ex and/or your past relationships. Believe me, no one wants to hear about it. If, for some reason, you want to talk about your past then do it after the first few dates.

6. Don’t ask if the date is going well
Another huge turn off for women. If you ask her how the date is going she might think you ask the question just to see if there’s any sex at the end of the date. So, just don’t do it! Instead “read” her body language and it should be easy to tell whether she is having a good time or not…

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7. Offer to pay the bill
If you are a true gentleman you will offer to pay, especially on the first date. You can also test her to see if she offers to pay. It’s really nice to offer to pay when you ask for someone’s time so if you asked her out it is your responsibility to take care of the bill.

8. Don’t believe you are in a relationship yet
OK, so you are on your third or fourth date. That’s great, but don’t assume you two are together. If you see her talking to some other guy over the phone or texting someone else, there’s no reason to be offended. If you really want that woman, try to discuss with her about what you want from each other.

9. Show that you are confident
This is important. I write a lot about the importance of confidence in this blog. You must know that women like men who walk and talk with confidence. Even if you are feeling nervous it’s not wise to show it. Show that you are confident (even if you are not), make her a few genuine compliments and you’ll be fine.

10. Don’t talk bad about your exes
Another mistake many men do in their dates is to bad mouth their exes. I know you may have a lot of bad past experiences but it’s not a good idea to talk about it on the first few dates. If she knows you had a series of bad dates then it could be a red flag for her.

11. Don’t give her too many gifts
If you feel like giving a gift to her that’s fine but don’t do it on every date. Make sure your gift is genuine and simple. Otherwise she might feel you’re trying to bribe her to make her sleep with you. Remember that simplicity works wonders in this case.

12. Don’t play it mysterious
Last but not least don’t assume she doesn’t know who you are. If you have a Twitter or Facebook account then chances are she’s already seen your accounts and she knows who you are so, be true to her and you’ll be rewarded.

So, these are just some tips that you should keep in mind when dating someone new. You must also know that nowadays a lot of people find their dates online rather than going in a club or bar to meet someone. If you want to find a new date, going to an online dating site might be very rewarding.

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