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Powerful Tips To Make A Man Commit Only To You

What most women want is a faithful, loving man by their side. A guy who will commit to them only. Making a man pledge his loyalty might not be an easy thing to achieve. This is because men usually play games with a woman’s feelings, especially when a relationship is about to be born. This is so annoying for women and knowing a few tips about how to make a guy commit to you will help. So, keep reading…

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A man might have a crush on you (and you might be in love with him) but he is still holding back because he wants to be safe. In such a case there are women who will try to force their man to commit to them. This is the worst thing to do. It is a rule of life not to force someone to love you otherwise you will drive him/her away easily.

So, how to make him be devoted to you only?

First of all you need to be yourself. Don’t pretend you’re someone else. Don’t try to trick your man into liking you. If he finds out you’re fake, he will run away and you will lose him once and for all.

Beat his insecurity
Relationship experts advise women to show to their man that they are committed if they want him to commit. This is probably true because why would your man commit to you if he is unsure you are committed to him? Show how you feel, that you’re exclusive to him and be sure that he will feel a lot better committing to you. (Related reading: Advice to keep a man in love with you forever and ever).

Beat his fear of commitment
One way to beat his fear of commitment is by giving him fun. If he’s having a lot of fun with you, one thing is certain; He will stick around and he will not even think of wanting other girls. The more fun you offer, the more you want to spend exciting moments with him, the more he will want to commit to you (Related reading: 18 powerful ways to turn a man on).

Be grateful to him
If you want your man to commit only to you then be grateful for all the nice things he does for you. No one would want to commit to you if you don’t recognize his efforts. If you are thankful, you will show him that you truly care and then he will probably want to behave likewise. (Related reading: Tips to keep a man faithful for life).

Treat him good (very good)
This is somewhat common sense. If you treat your man badly he might stay with you for various reasons but he will never truly be devoted to you. A good advice on that would be to treat him like you want to be treated. If you are good to him he will be happy and he will stick around. So be kind and respectful towards him. (Related reading: Useful advice to help you seduce a man).

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Accept his teases
Men like to tease women, but sometimes women take it personally (maybe because they are so sensitive). If you want your man to commit to you, then you should know how and when to take a joke. If he teases you, it means he likes you! If you are not ready to sometimes laugh at yourself, he might not be able to deal with that. Joke with him when he tries to pick on you.

Offer him challenges
Men love challenges, this is what relationship experts tell us. So, try to keep him guessing about your next move. If he can’t tell what you are up to -as long as it’s something positive- he will want to stick around. If he finds you intriguing you got more chances to make a devoted husband out of him.

Have your own opinion
Don’t agree with him blindly when he asks for your opinion. There’s nothing more unattractive than this. Also, don’t change your opinion just for him. If you really agree it’s OK but never fear to express your opinion. If you want a healthy relationship (and a commitment) then accept the fact that you can’t always agree with each other. After all when you express a different opinion it makes things more interesting…

Which brings me to my next point…:

Talk to him and discuss all the things that matter in your relationship
Women believe that men just don’t care about many things. This is far from truth. Men do care about many things and you can find out if you start a long talk with your man. Having a meaningful conversation should never be underestimated when you want a guy to be devoted to you.

Respect yourself
I mean, have some self-respect. Men have a reputation of doing and saying a lot of BS. This might make things in your relationship hard. Don’t put up with it! Respect your ideals and don’t forget your goals and dreams and he will notice and it will be easier for him to commit to you.

Don’t pressure him
Don’t talk about committing all the time. The more you talk about it, the more you drive him away. If you believe he will be convinced with nagging then know that men are not like that. Instead follow the rest of the advice in this article or read the next tip… Men are who they are for a reason.

Give him all the freedom he needs
I’ve talked to many single men and what I’ve learned is that they don’t make relationships because they are afraid they will be tied down and they will not be able to do all the things they like to do. If your man is like that, show him that he is wrong by following the tips I present here. Show him that you truly care, be respectful and thankful, offer him funny and exciting moments, talk to him, challenge him but above all be 100% yourself. If you do all these things then you can make your man commit to you.

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