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Are you thinking of having sex after giving birth?

Having sex after pregnancy may not be a priority for you but as your baby grows, you’ll have to return to a normal sexual life. In this article I am presenting information that will help you have pleasurable sex after giving birth. If you believe that you cannot enjoy sex after pregnancy this is  far from truth. You just need to take your time and deal with issues like bleeding, pain, breastfeeding and fatigue.

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You must know that, after childbirth, you will need adequate time for your body to heal. Experts advise that you should wait 4 to 6 weeks before thinking of sex again. Moreover, you are unique and you have a unique body and that means you may face unique physical issues that cannot be predicted by doctors. In any case, consult your gynecologist about the right time to engage in sexual activities.

You may also face emotional issues because your baby will change the way you see the world. It’s not uncommon to make negative thoughts about sex now that you’ve have a baby who is far more important than anything else. From a doctor’s perspective you will see changes in your hormone system that can cause depression, anxiety, tiredness, sadness etc. You must take your time to adjust emotionally. All the negative feelings will eventually go away in a matter of weeks.

Don’t worry if you are not feeling 100% ready to have sex after childbirth, this is perfectly normal. The secret is to convince yourself that you need some time to return to a normal sexual life. Apart from consulting your doctor on the issue, it is advisable to talk to your husband/boyfriend or sexual partner about how you feel and ask for emotional support.

Another issue that you have to deal with is breastfeeding, because when you start feeding your baby, your estrogen levels will decrease and this can lead to vaginal dryness. Breastfeeding can make sex after pregnancy more uncomfortable. You may want to skip sex the first few weeks of breastfeeding and also avoid taking certain medication like birth control pills that could affect the quality of milk you provide to your baby. Consult your doctor for more personalized information on the issue.

Birth control should be taken seriously if you don’t want to become pregnant again. As mentioned you must wait 4-6 weeks after childbirth to start considering about sex. When you start returning to a normal sexual life you may want to take a birth control pill but only if you are not breastfeeding. Alternatively, you can ask your partner to use a condom or you can use a diaphragm.

When you are emotionally and physically ready to have sex again and your doctor approves it, you can let your partner know and you can both start preparing for the intercourse. Here are some tips to help you succeed…:

  1. Start spending time with your partner, work to improve your communication and find ways to express affection before proceeding to the actual sexual intercourse.
  2. If you face vaginal dryness issues you can use a lubricant. Prefer water-based lubricants and if you feel pain during the intercourse, try different sex positions until you find the one that makes you feel comfortable.
  3. Try Kegel exercises to get your vaginal muscles back into shape. These exercises become more and more popular and apart from strengthening your pelvic muscles they can lead to more fulfilling orgasms.
  4. Sleep well and plan your next sexual intercourse with your partner. You should have sex when you feel fresh and well rested. A good time would be when your baby is sleeping.
  5. Eat well and exercise when you get the chance. Also, drink a lot of water and take good care of yourself so as to be proud of your body and your appearance. Feel good about yourself and it will lead to good sex.

Giving birth to a baby will change your life. It’s a huge responsibility and it takes a lot of energy in a physical and emotional level. Keep in mind that it will take some time to recover and enjoy sex after pregnancy. Be patient, sleep and eat well, consult your doctor and talk to your partner so you can plan your next pleasurable sexual encounter. Communication works wonders! If you have trouble sleeping then consider these sleeping secrets. Good luck and congratulations about your baby.

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If you are not having fulfilling orgasms after pregnancy, I recommend reading this article about female orgasm or take a look at these female orgasm secrets. If you want to exercise so you can be in shape, then consider the advice from this Yoga expert. If you feel (like many women) that you cannot please your sexual partner any more, then learn how to be a sex goddess for him or how to give mind blowing blowjobs.

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