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7 Tips To Prevent Your Man From Cheating on You

“Where is this world going? It seems that the majority of men these days are cheating…”. This is what a girl told me the other day… So, I decided to post some tips that will help your man stay faithful. I describe the following tips in more detail in my article: “How to prevent your man from cheating on you“. Hope this helps…:

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  1. Give him more sex. Drain him so that he has no fuel for any other lady
  2. Offer him variety in sex. Try new positions and pursue new things
  3. Give him the freedom he needs and don’t tend to control him
  4. Show him that you appreciate him and that you desire him sexually
  5. Show him that he is in your top position with words and actions
  6. Find out what your man likes, his hobbies, his friends… everything
  7. Communicate with him about sex and about all that matters to him

Follow the advice above but don’t neglect yourself, your emotions, your goals and your ideals. After all it’s not just about him. Some men just can’t help cheating because they believe they should have sex with as many women as possible.

If your guy is like that, he will not change no matter how much you love him and care about him. Your best option in such case would be to leave him and never look back…

If you love him and you can’t let go of him, then I recommend the “Penguin Method” with which you can keep your man faithful and make him obey you and fulfill all your desires! I know it sounds too good to be true but believe me, it’s worth trying… Read more…

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