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Top 15 Sex Positions for Maximum Pleasure and Intense Orgasms (pIcs)

One of the subjects I write about a lot in this blog is the routine that can tear apart a relationship. Sometimes (well most of the times) this routine comes as a result of lack of variety in sex. I’ve researched this issue once more and found the top 15 most pleasurable sex positions that can lead to more intense orgasms. Sex experts say that if you want to spice up your relationship try new sex positions. I hope you enjoy the article (and the pics)…

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1. 69

69 sex position

This sex position can offer the ultimate oral sex experience. It’s not difficult to apply and will lead to amazing erotic moments. If you relax and talk to your sexual partner about performing 69, you will have the chance to explore each other’s genitals and show your love and affection this way.

2. CowGirl

cowgirl sex position

The cowgirl sex position is ideal if you want to take the pleasure of your female partner to great heights. If you try it you will allow your woman to control the sexual rhythm plus you will be able to achieve deeper penetration than other positions. If you want to let your lady set the rules, give it a go…

3. Crossed Bodies

crossed bodies sex position

This one might look a little difficult to apply but if you get the hang of it you will both enjoy great sex. Some will say it’s pretty simple but it will definitely require some trial and error before you succeed. It is ideal to offer some variety to your partner and get away from the classic sex positions.

4. Doggy Style

doggy style sex position

This is one of the most popular and most loved sex positions. It provides maximum pleasure for the man who gets to look at the back of his woman and you know how important it is for men to have good visual contact while having sex. Ladies also like doggy style because it’s easy to apply for most men…

5. Face to Face

face to face sex position

With this sex position you get to look your loving partner in the eyes. Most of the times, sexual pleasure leads to facial expressions that you will both love. Moreover, you will be able to instantly give a kiss to your partner and you know how kisses can turn a boring sexual encounter into a passionate and pleasurable one.

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6. From behind

from behind sex position

This one is the favorite of many men because it gives them the feeling that they are in charge and they have the power (this is quite important for many men). One more benefit is that the man has the chance to comfortably touch the breasts of his woman. If you haven’t tried it yet it is highly recommended!

7. Lying Down

lying down sex position

This sex position is pretty easy to perform and you can do it in a relaxed and comfortable manner without losing the passion and intimacy. If you try it the man can let the woman lie down and do his best to provide an amazing sexual experience for both. This sex position is ideal for anal sex.

8. Man on Top

man on top sex position

This one is good for men who want to be leaders in the sexual game. Women will also like it because it allows deep penetration, easy clitoral stimulation and let’s face it; the majority of women want their man to be in charge. I am sure most couples have tried this position and were satisfied…

9. Rear Entry

rear entry sex position

Rear entry is a bit complex sex position which requires some experience in sex. It is not recommended for couples with extra weight but anyone should give it a try and measure the results. If you find it hard to perform it communicate with your partner and go for it. Chances are that you will like it.

10. Reverse

reverse sex position

This one will definitely kill the routine but it requires that both man and woman are quite fit. If you want to try a position that most couples neglect, then it might be for you. With Reverse, bodies are located in the opposite direction and you will have the chance to look at your partner’s face. Not bad.

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11. Sideways

sideways sex position

One of the easiest sex positions, Sideways will offer great moments of passion and can lead to strong (and why not simultaneous orgasms). Ideal for lazy couples. It allows the woman to stimulate her vagina while man penetrates. Not bad for anal sex. Highly recommended…

12. Sitting

sitting sex position

Another position for “lazy” couples. It looks good but it turns out it’s a bit difficult to apply unless you have the right bodies. It may lead to another position like “Lying Down” if you find it hard to achieve deep penetration. Try it as a starting point for other positions.

13. Spooning

spooning sex position

If you are eager to try new sex positions and you want something easy you can avoid the “difficult” positions and start with spooning (if you haven’t tried it already). It’s great for anal sex and it will allow both man woman to stimulate the vagina. Spooning can offer unforgettable moments the easy way…

14. Standing

standing sex position

Enough with the “lazy” sex positions. This one will be greatly enjoyed by both man and woman plus it allows anal and vaginal penetration so you can choose which way to go or try both. “Standing” is also good when you want a quick sexual experience somewhere outside of the bedroom.

15. Woman on Top

woman on top sex position

The last one is great for when woman wants to be in charge. Some men like this and all you have to do if you are a man is relax and let her control the rhythm. This position can offer maximum satisfaction if the woman is ready to be a leader in sex. This one is my personal favorite and I highly recommend it…

Language of desire

So these are the top-15 sex positions to try with your partner for maximum pleasure and great orgasms. If you want to kill the routine in your relationship, talk with your partner about adding some spice and agree to try a few of the mentioned positions (if not all). Also, don’t forget that foreplay is what makes a sexual encounter special so don’t neglect foreplay.

I hope you enjoyed reading and watching the pics. Now it’s time to put all you know into action. If you are a man and you find it hard to please your woman during sex then this resource might be all that you’re looking for OR you can read my article for a step by step guide to help a woman reach a fulfilling orgasm. If you are a woman and you want to become his sex goddess then I advise you to take a look at this resource or read my article with tips to give him the best blowjob of his life. I wish you a happy sex life!

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