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Tips To Help Your Man Have Stronger Orgasms

There’s nothing better and more thrilling for a man than an intense, long orgasm. I am not sure if you are aware of it but it’s the woman who can make the difference in a male orgasm. In this article I describe what women can do to help their sex partner achieve more intense orgasms. I know you want your man to be happy so follow the tips below and you’ll become his sex goddess, responsible for his long, strong orgasms.

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Be a sex goddess for him

1. Talk to him

Studies show that sex partners who talk openly about their sex life become closer and this leads to better orgasms. So, talk to your man about what you like and find out what he likes the most in bed. Also, try to discover what he doesn’t like and freely express your own dislikes. Communication works wonders when it comes to your sexual life.

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2. Play with him

Sex experts suggest that women should use the foreplay part of an intercourse to excite their man. For example you can arouse him for a few minutes, then stop, then start again a few moments later, then repeat this process a few times… For this strategy to work you must let your man know what your plan is or he will think you are a bad person who tortures him!

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3. Help him concentrate

It’s true that many men lose themselves when having sex. They are easily distracted or tend to lose concentration and this may lead to a bad orgasm. So, help your man concentrate on what he is doing. Do this by looking at his eyes and by talking to him. Ask him to follow your breathing and appreciate the present moment. With a little practice he will release all stress and enjoy his orgasms.

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4. Convince him to go to the gym

Sex experts and studies show that men who go to the gym and exercise for an hour, three times per week become better in bed. This means they perform good and as a result they experience stronger orgasms. Moreover, their desire for sex is increased along with the testosterone levels in their body. If he refuses to go to the gym offer him to go together and you will both experience more intense orgasms.

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5. Tell him to try kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are a great way to improve orgasms for both men and women. These exercises will help you train your muscles in the genitals area. They also help men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. It take only a few minutes to perform them and if you find it hard to locate the right muscles, ask help from your doctor. Studies show that men who perform kegels experience longer and stronger orgasms.

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6. Touch him strategically

There are many parts of the male body which you can touch and help his libido rise and increase his excitement (i am not only referring to the penis). For example you can touch his chest (specifically his chest hair) or the area between the balls and the butt (P-Spot). Some men feel excited when their shoulders or ears are touched. Before you apply this tip, make sure your man feels comfortable when you touch his sensitive areas.

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Language of desire

So, that’s it. The above are just some common sense tips which you can apply to improve his orgasm experience. I hope you enjoyed reading. If you are looking for more check out the articles page. If you want to learn all you need to know about offering your man mind-blowing pleasure and be the best he has ever had in his entire life check out this resource.

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