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I am Looking for Full Time Writers To Share Profits From

Life Sexual logoHello,

If you have passion for sex and you like to write (about sex or relationships or anything related to sexual life) then you can earn an income.

I will make you an editor account and you will be able to prepare your article. If you know the WordPress “Website Admin” it would be perfect and easy for you. If you don’t know anything about WordPress and you only write you might be needed to learn the WordPress environment.

Inside the article you will be able to add your affiliate links.

People will visit and read your article and possibly click on your affiliate links and buy a product or service. You earn a commission! It’s very simple, only thing you need is unique content and a clickbank account (or account from any affiliate network).

If this offer rings a bell you can contact me and discuss our co-operation.

Articles you publish must be original high quality content otherwise it will not work.

For more details please contact me or send an email to:

l i f e s e x u a l @ n e x t n e t . g r



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