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12 Dating Tips For Men For The First Date(s)

Dating these days seems easy because there are many women available out there plus you can always go to an online dating site and find a good match (if you’re lucky). But what happens if you manage to get her to date you? The following 12 dating tips will help you win the battle of the first date(s)…:

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  1. Have a plan for the date, where to take her what to do and what to say.
  2. Forget about your cell phone at least while you’re with her.
  3. Never ask her why she is single during the first few dates.
  4. Ask the right questions and always listen to her answers.
  5. Don’t mention your ex during the first few dates. Common sense right?
  6. Never ask if the date is going well. Shockingly many men do this…
  7. Offer to pay the bill especially if you asked the girl out.
  8. Don’t assume you’re in a relationship even after the first few dates.
  9. Show that you are a confident man even if you are not…
  10. Don’t talk bad about you exes and bad past experiences.
  11. Don’t give her too many gifts… Are you trying to bribe her?
  12. Don’t play it mysterious and assume she doesn’t know who you are…

Do you want more details about the mentioned dating tips? Read my article titled “Dating Tips For Men Especially For The First Few Dates“…

I wish you good luck with your dating. If you follow the dating advice and you succeed in conquering a girl you like, then you might want to have a look at the 3 things you can do to give her the best orgasms of her life

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