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6 Tips To Help Women Experience Multiple Orgasms

Is it possible for a woman to achieve multiple orgasms or are multiple orgasms just a myth? Most women are satisfied if they reach a single orgasm and experts say that a large percentage of women find it hard to reach that one orgasm per sexual encounter.

Hey, ladies wake up, multiple orgasms are a reality and YES they are achievable. It just takes some practice and a positive attitude. So, let’s see 6 tips to help you achieve multiple orgasms…

Female orgasm secrets
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Train your brain

It is so true that our bodies can be trained about almost anything. For example, when you are on a diet your metabolism is adjusted. When you drink alcohol daily your body adjusts to the effects and then you want to drink more and more to get these desired effects. Your body can be likewise adjusted to experience multiple orgasms.

If you only want that single orgasm then your body and brain will expect only that. So, you reach the first orgasm and then your brain shuts down never expecting a second or third one. If you train your brain to expect more than a single orgasm then you increase your chances to experience the pleasure of multiple orgasms.

To train your brain you need to work by continuing the stimulation after the first orgasm. Tell your body and brain that there’s more. This might take time and a strong character but the idea is simple. Your sex partner can help you with this. Discuss the issue and with practice, you will be able to get more and more aroused after your first orgasm.

the penguin method

Focus on your sensual areas

When you reach your first orgasm, your clitoris becomes sensitive so, don’t focus on it (after the first orgasm). If you want to keep up the stimulation you should touch (or ask your sex partner to touch) other sensual areas like your breasts or hips or other body parts.

You can also focus on sensual kissing for a few minutes until your clitoris is ready to be stimulated again. Then, this stimulation can be easily achieved with oral sex or fingering. Exploring your body and discovering what you like the most (e.g. which body areas gets you aroused when touched) will help a lot.

Use a sex toy

I understand that sometimes it is difficult to convince your partner to follow you in the multiple orgasms journey. If this is the case with you then you can work on your own. Buy a good vibrator (one that fits your style and requirements) and start experimenting. In my opinion, every woman should have a vibrator or other sex toy of her preference.

If you own such a toy then whenever you find the chance try to stimulate your orgasmic centers alone. Just keep in mind that some vibrators are very powerful and may lead to overstimulation (single orgasm) without the expectation for multiple peaks.

So, it is important to find the right tool and practice with it. If you don’t like doing everything on your own you can find a sex partner who would agree to use the sex toy to stimulate you the right way. (Recommended reading: “4 Things To Consider When Buying A Vibrator“)

The Monogamy Method

Don’t be afraid of failure

Multiple orgasms can be achieved (according to sex experts) but don’t expect it to happen overnight. If it doesn’t happen the first time you try it, this is normal. You didn’t fail, you just made the first step.

It shouldn’t be a long process to reach multiple orgasms if you train well and if you have a strong will. But when you start expecting these multiple peaks and you feel it won’t happen then it’s fine to just stop until next time. Don’t let failure pressure you into not trying to reach your goal again and again. (Recommended reading: “Female Orgasm Facts That Many Women (and Men) Neglect“)

Find what gets you aroused

This is very important. Different people have different ways to get aroused. You must find what’s arousing to you. Achieving multiple orgasms can be both a physical and mental challenge. Allow yourself to use the best arousal methods for success.

For example, you may be aroused by reading an erotic story, or watching porn or using a sex toy or trying a specific sex position. If you know yourself well it won’t be difficult to find what stimulates you.

Find what this is and try it after reaching the first orgasm or a few minutes later. (I recommend you read my article: “Orgasm Question & Answers“).

Use relaxation techniques

Sex experts tell us that when your body is relaxed it is more possible to achieve single or multiple orgasms. If you feel tense, even if you expect multiple peaks it will not be easy to achieve them. For some women, the miracle happens when they decide to give up.

So, I recommend you relax your body and if that’s hard try some relaxation techniques like meditating for a few minutes or drink a hot cup of tea or milk or eat something with aphrodisiac qualities (try this aphrodisiac recipe with milk and red saffron or have a look at these love potion recipes).

You can also try Kegel exercises that will train your muscles in the genitals area and then you will be able to relax these muscles or tighten them to experience more intense orgasms.

Language of desire

I hope you enjoyed reading the tips above. If your goal is to experience multiple orgasms then follow the tips, learn what you enjoy the most in sex, explore your body to discover your most sensual parts, communicate with your sex partner and ask help or find the right sex toy and practice alone, relax, be patient and don’t give up.

In any case, make sure you enjoy the ride.

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Female orgasm secrets

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