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4 Good Ways To Get Your Ex Back

There are many examples of men and women who decide that they want their ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend back. Being away from your ex for some time may make you believe that getting back together would be a good idea. In reality though, a reunion with your ex is kind of complicated.

In this article I am presenting 4 ways that will help you get your ex back. What I write is the result of conversations I had with relationship and sex experts. I hope you enjoy the article and I am always open to comments.

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1. Identify the reasons you broke up with your ex

It is important to examine (in a neutral way) the real reasons of your brake up. If you know the reasons you should be able to tell if it’s a good idea to get back together. Experts say that people tend to forget why a relationship didn’t work out.

For example if you broke up because of a lousy sex life, what makes you think that it will work out this time? When a relationship ends it’s usually both parties fault. Identify what you’ve done wrong and if you are ready to improve and then decide whether you want a second chance or not.

2. Do you have good reasons to get back together?

You must ask yourself… Do you want your ex back for the right reasons? For example, you may feel pain from your brake up and you may want your ex back to heal the pain in the immediate moment. But if you were rejected you may want him/her back only to heal the wound of rejection. According to the experts, this is not a good reason for reconciliation.

Of course, noone can tell you what are the right reasons but it would be wise to consider why you wanted your ex in the first place. Now, do you want him/her back for the same reasons? The reasons you want him/her back should outweigh the reasons of your brake up.

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3. Respect the opinions and feelings of your ex

I am sure you are aware that your ex is a unique person with an autonomous personality, right? He/she may not view your brake up the same way that you do. For example, you may feel that you can’t live without him/her but he/she might not feel and see it that way. What if your ex thinks that you were the reason for your brake up? If you really want a reunion you must respect the other person’s feelings and opinions.

Maybe you must prepare yourself for actions that will prove to your ex that the relationship deserves a second chance. But what if he/she doesn’t want to give things a second shot? If that’s the case you must accept this reality and walk away (sorry about that)…

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4. Accept the fact that it will not be an easy ride

So, it is important that both parties want a reconciliation. You should know that dating a person that you share history with, is somewhat difficult. Maybe it would be wise to take things slowly. Experts say that while it might not be a hopeless case, you must accept the fact that you will face difficulties.

In my opinion good communication is the key and of course, the realization that past differences must be resolved. If you truly want and love the other person and you are sure he/she wants you as much as you do then why not give it a go?

If you realize though that things don’t work out keep in mind there are many men or women out there to start a new relationship with…

Sometimes (if not always), couples brake up for reasons related to their sex life. If you want your ex back you must make sure he/she will be sexually satisfied. Here are 3 things you can do to a woman to give her the best orgasms of her life. And if you are a woman, here’s how to make a man sexually obsessed with you (and only you) without even touching him…

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