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The Benefits Of A Sexually Active Life

Human sexuality and sex are an important part of people’s lives. Sex can be used for reproduction purposes but also for pleasure and intimacy. In this article we present the surprising benefits of sexual intercourse (or masturbation) to all aspects of life.

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1. General benefits for your body
Experts tell us that sex can be a top cardiovascular exercise, especially in young men and women. It lowers blood pressure, it helps you to burn calories and increases overall heart health so you can avoid heart disease or stroke. Moreover, if you perform sex often you strengthen your muscles and you help your libido rise.

2. Benefits for your immune system
In a recent study that involved people in romantic relationships, experts found that those couples who had sex 1-2 times per week had more Immunoglobulin A (IgA) in their saliva. Couples who had sex less than once per week had much less IgA in their saliva. But what is IgA? It is the antibody that helps prevent illnesses. It is a sign of a strong immune system.

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3. Benefits for your sleep
When experiencing an orgasm your body releases “Oxytocin” which is known as “Love Hormone”. It also releases “Endorphins” which are sex hormones. The combination of Oxytocin and Endorphins can act as a sedation and could help you sleep better. If you sleep well you promote a stronger immune system and you increase your lifespan.

4. Benefits for migraine treatment
Sex experts advise us to have a sexually active life in order to prevent headaches and migraines. Studies have shown that if you have sex 2-3 times per week you can experience moderate to complete headache relief. So, if you want to enjoy improvement of headache symptoms, you may want to think of frequent sex as a measure.

5. Benefits specific to men
Studies show that men with increased sexual activity, have less risk of developing prostate cancer. Sex may also affect your mortality if you are man. A 10-year study reported that men who experience frequent orgasms (2 or more per week) have a 50% lower mortality risk than men who had orgasms less often. Experts also suggest that frequent orgasms increase sperm health and quality.

6. Benefits specific to women
During an orgasm in women, certain pain relieving chemicals are released. Increased sexual activity can help a woman be more fertile and it also promotes bladder control and relief from menstrual and premenstrual cramps. Frequent sex can offer stronger pelvic muscles and better vaginal lubrication. A strong pelvic floor can help a woman avoid pain during sex.

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7. Benefits for mental health
When having sex with your partner or when you masturbate you can enjoy a series of emotional and psychological benefits. For example you can reduce anxiety and stress and increase happiness. Increased sexual activity equals increased satisfaction with your mental health. It can build trust and intimacy in your relationships and improve the way you identify and express your emotions.

8. Other important benefits
Sex experts say that frequent sex can make you look younger (up to 12 years younger). Frequent sex has social benefits too. It can help you connect with a sexual partner and bond within a relationship. People with increased sexual activity say that they are able to better express their sexual desires to their sex partner.

It is obvious that classic sexual intercourse, sex games or masturbation can tremendously boost your overall health and the satisfaction you get from life. Orgasms play an important part in relationship bonding and help you to avoid certain diseases and health conditions. Sex is a way to improve the quality of your life…


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