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Tips to give her the ultimate oral sex experience – Part 2 (Video)

This video series has 7 parts and presents tips and advice to offer the ultimate oral sex experience to your woman. Don’t expect your woman to be happy with classic penis in vagina intercourse. Offer her oral sex… The last part of this video was banned by Youtube and I am not sure why since there are far more obtrusive videos on their site! Anyway, you can judge for yourself when I post it (be patient it’s the last part)…

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Eating Pussy Masterclass: How to Eat Pussy Like a GOD (+ Video Bonus)

Today we are diving deep into…the pussy.

Okay, I won’t tell you to stick your tongue all the way in. That might not be your thing, which I totally understand. Nevertheless, I want to use this article to talk about a topic that 99% of guys claim to be so good at while 99% of guys completely suck at it…

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