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Men Can Also Use Kegel Exercises For More Intense Orgasms

Kegel exercises are an ideal way to train the pelvic floor muscles and experience better orgasms. These exercises have been tagged as “Only for women”. Now it seems that men can also enjoy the benefits of Kegels since many of them have issues with the pelvic floor muscles like bowel problems, urinary leakage and erection problems.

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What are the pelvic floor muscles?

The pelvic floor muscles support the bladder, abdomen and colon and are activated during orgasms. If these muscles become too tight or too weak then problems may arise. Weakness can come because of age, as it happens with other muscles. Other reasons for weak pelvic floor muscles include bowel, prostate or bladder surgery or chronic conditions like bronchitis or asthma which cause coughing. Tightness can happen after general muscle tension, stress, prolonged sitting or back and hips problems. Tight pelvic floor muscles may cause pelvic pain, urinary leakage, back or hips pain and pain in the genitals area before, during or after sexual intercourse.

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How can men use Kegel exercises?

The pelvic floor muscles can be trained just like other muscles. You use these muscles to stop the flow of urine or to hold back gas. You can perform Kegel exercises while sitting or standing or while lying down. The idea is to contract and hold only those muscles and do a mixture of short or long “holds”. If you want to try these exercises you should consult a sex therapist or expert who will evaluate your needs and recommend a training program ideal for you. A typical exercise consists of a set amount of “hold” time followed by enough rest between reps. Your doctor or sex therapist will direct you on how to perform Kegels on your own. The exercises must be performed correctly otherwise they could make muscles worse or not help at all.


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