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8 Ways Men Can Experience Better Orgasms

Here are 8 ways (straight from sex experts) men can experience better and more intense orgasms. I’ve written a lot of articles about orgasm for both men and women.

Although it’s much easier for men to reach an orgasm than for women, there’s always space for improvement when it comes to male orgasm. I hope you enjoy the tips…

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Perineum touching

The perineum is a very sensitive area on your body full of nerve endings and by touching it the right way, you can improve the overall quality of your orgasms.

It’s the area between your balls and your butt (yeah down below) and if you stimulate it properly you will enjoy increased libido, multiple and stronger orgasms, and more satisfaction during sex.

You can ask your sex partner to place a finger on the perineum and apply the right pressure (experiment with that until it feels right).

Kegel exercises

Most people think that Kegel exercises are for women only. That’s wrong. Men can also perform these exercises. The idea is to contract the muscles of the pelvic floor during sex which will lead to more intense orgasms.

Of course, these muscles must be trained first. To give you an example, a man who has trained pelvic floor muscles can easily lift his penis up and down only by using these muscles.

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Eat the right foods

If you want to be in shape during sexual encounters you must adjust your diet and start eating foods which will help you improve your sex life.

There are foods like spinach or cabbage which, according to sex experts can increase the flow of blood in the genitals area and will improve your reproductive health.

Eggs are also very beneficial since they contain B vitamin which can relax you and increase your libido. This equals better orgasms. You can also try whole grains which are known to boost testosterone. Take advice from your doctor about these orgasmic foods.

Try to pause before ejaculating

This method is highly recommended by many sex experts. If you delay ejaculation as much as you can, in the end, you will experience a very intense orgasm.

Try to hold back when you are about 90% of the way to climax. Then slowly and gently resume. Do this a few times (if possible) and I guarantee you will experience one of the best orgasms of your life.

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G-spot discovery

Yes, men have a G-spot like women. It is the prostate. You can stimulate it by pressuring your perineum.

Some sex experts recommend that if you want to maximize pleasure ask your partner to do a little anal probing by sticking a finger in your butt. Your G-spot is very sensitive and it will then be easy to find. It is a small lump and once you find it, apply some pressure and enjoy the results.

Perform testosterone-boosting activities

Testosterone is a very important hormone for your orgasms. But it’s also the same hormone that’s produced when you do outdoor sports or when you exercise in the gym or watching a fascinating horror film.

When you produce more testosterone you can improve the quality of your orgasms. For example, you can go for a run before a sexual encounter.

If you make it a habit to increase testosterone before sexual encounters then you will never regret it (you will experience the strongest orgasms).

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Learn about the Sexual Response Cycle (SRC)

The Sexual Response Cycle or SRC happens when a person is sexually stimulated. It is a series of emotional and physical phases that lead to orgasm.

When you are educated about the SRC you can adjust your sexual performance and understand how to achieve better orgasms and even multiple orgasms.

I have personally studied the cycle and I found that it works so, I highly recommend you learn about it too (in case you don’t know anything about it I have written an article: “Educate yourself about the Sexual Response Cycle and improve your sex life“.

Overcome the obstacle of the refractory period

In case you didn’t know the refractory period is the time after you ejaculate when you are no longer able to have sex again. This period may last from a few minutes to several hours or an entire day.

If you want to shorten this time and go for another round as soon as possible, then you can try to increase arousal again (you must know what gets you aroused and possibly ask your sex partner for help).

A tried solution to reduce the time until you are aroused again is to try different things (e.g. talk dirty or dirtier than usual or watch some porn).

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