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Attention Ladies: Here’s Why You Can’t Reach An Orgasm!

It’s true that many women find it difficult to reach a fulfilling orgasm. If you and your partner think you’re doing everything right here are the top reasons why you are not orgasming.

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1. You take pharmaceuticals that prevent you from orgasming.
Certain medications like anti-depressants can make the sex hormones disappear from your body and lead to bad orgasms or no orgasms at all. If the sexual intercourse is actually good but there’s no orgasm it could be because you’re on that medication. Consult your doctor and ask for a medication with less sexual side effects.

2. Your sex is nothing but classic vaginal penetration.
According to sex experts most men think that they are top lovers but they only offer penis-in-vagina sex. Studies show that only 50% of women reach an orgasm from penetration alone. If this is the case with you, ask your partner to stimulate your clitoris or do it yourself with your hand or a vibrator.

3. Your sex is missing enough foreplay.
Foreplay is very important for women in order to experience a good orgasm. The sad truth is that women fake orgasms because men fake foreplay. Without enough (or any!) foreplay you cannot be turned on which makes it nearly impossible to experience an orgasm. So communicate with your sexual partner and ask him to pay attention to what turns you on.

4. Your sexual life is full of stress and worries.
Sex experts tell us that in our modern societies most women during sex are worried about unintended pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. They also worry about whether their guy is ideal for them, if he’s faithful or if he would make a good husband and father. All these worries might prevent you from experiencing fulfilling orgasms.

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5. You don’t know what offers you pleasure.
Studies show that many women have no idea what works for them in sex and this is why they can’t reach an orgasm. You must know what makes you feel good. Educate yourself about the clitoris and the other parts of the vagina. Try to masturbate with or without a vibrator. Stimulate your clitoris or the inner part of the vagina to discover what you like. Share what you’ve learned with your partner.

6. You don’t give yourself enough time to reach an orgasm.
According to scientists many women are feeling nervous, uncomfortable or tired waiting for an orgasm to happen. This anxiety is actually anti-orgasmic and creates a vicious cycle of no orgasms. If you want to reach an orgasm stop thinking about it and focus on the sensations. An orgasm usually happens when you least expect it.

7. You are not using a lubricant.
Sex experts tell us that many women cannot enjoy sex because they don’t produce enough natural lubrication. Even if you are getting wet, sometimes your hormones, emotions or the condom’s chemistry may leave you dry. If you use a good lubricant you increase your chances of enjoying sex and reaching a satisfying orgasm.

8. You are facing medical conditions.
According to scientists there are only a few medical conditions that could prevent you from reaching an orgasm. Conditions like “Clitoral Entrapment” for example (which makes the clitoris less sensitive) could be the reason why you’re not reaching an orgasm. Consult your gynecologist to make sure nothing like that (or similar) is going on.


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