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What Orgasmic Dysfunction Is And How To Treat It

Orgasmic dysfunction (Anorgasmia) is a sexual issue that affects women. It is when a woman has difficulties to reach an orgasm even though she is sexually excited. If sex is not enjoyable it may become a routine instead of a fullfiling experience and this can cause conflict in the relationship.

Experts say that 15% of women have never experienced an orgasm and 50% of them are not satisfied with their sexual life and their orgasm experiences. For an orgasm to occur a woman needs the body and the mind working together. This happens in a complicated way.

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Orgasmic dysfunction may be caused by bad sex or a sexual abuse or rape. Certain anti-depressants like Fluoxetine, Paroxetine and Sertraline can also influence your orgasm and overall sexual activity. Other factors that can lead to Anorgasmia are hormonal disorders especially after menopause, chronic illness, low fatigue, stress and anxiety.

To treat orgasmic dysfunction you can turn to a qualified specialist in sex therapy or stop/replace certain drugs. You will need to let the sex therapist know about your medical history and the medication you are receiving.

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Here’s some good advice that can help treat or avoid Anorgasmia:

1. Sleep well, eat well and limit alcohol and smoking (and drugs too).
2. Feel good about yourself and follow a healthy attitude towards sex.
3. Educate yourself about orgasm, sexual stimulation and sexual response.
4. Talk to your sex partner about your sexual needs and desires.
5. Perform Kegel exercises that will train and relax your pelvic muscles.
6. Classic sexual intercourse is good but other sexual activities should be explored like masturbation or oral sex or a good sex game.

Download this PDF: How To Treat Orgasmic Dysfunction (Anorgasmia)

Women usually require clitoral stimulation in order to reach an orgasm. If you want satisfying orgasms talk to your partner about clitoral stimulation and include it in your sexual activities. Masturbation can also help.Above all a woman must know what she needs to become sexually excited and this is the first step to avoid/treat orgasmic dysfunction.

If you are a woman read this blog post about female orgasm in order to understand it better and receive tips and ideas for better orgasms.

Source: University of Maryland

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